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The Art of Love: Indigo Keys Release Their Debut Album

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Souls of Society visionary, Dijon Bowden, first caught our attention back in 2011,  when he started walking the streets of San Francisco documenting the cultural Fabric of the Bay Area through portrait photography and storytelling. Now he has teamed up with Annie Anton and Craig Wenaweser, aka “Keys”, chronicling what can only be described as “cosmic love sto-etry” in their debut album, “Journey to Arcturus.”


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Craig Wenaweser aka Keys

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Annie Anton

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Dijon Bowden

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The result is a 33-minute, 11 song album about two soul mates (and bandmates) Dijon and Annie, reconnecting to continue a dance they sense they have been doing for lifetimes.



Soulmates and bandmates, Dijon and Annie

Bowden says, “I got a tarot reading in Feb 2015 telling me I’d meet my twin flame in May 2015 and that she would have blond hair and blue eyes…I met Annie in May 2015 and we began a 14-month crazy, intense, passionate relationship. Towards the end we started playing music together and that organically evolved into us making (Close to You) this song.
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.39.31 PMAnton insists that this art isn’t just a tool for her healing for herself. She says “It is having healing affects for the beings gathering together to hear it… It is something so much bigger than us. What I have experienced as well as heard from others is that it is asking us to keep our hearts open to one another, even when pain and hurt arises. It is asking that we come into our power and remember our wholeness. But it is reminding us that it is a journey, one with no destination but the heart itself.”

Bowden asserts that this album has a deeper message. “The search for love outside of ourselves ultimately led to an even deeper realization of self love. Our love was full of what all great love stories are full of: intensity, beauty, inspiration, growth, struggle, new levels of love, and creativity.”

The group has shared the Album amongst groups of friends at listening parties, where they invite and gather the community to come hear the album together. Anton admits,”We did this only after newly shifting out of romantic partnership. It was… challenging and incredibly beautiful.”

“Nowadays music is something people put on in the background to set a mood,” says Bowden. People put on Pandora and go about their day running errands. It’s becoming rare that people are intentional and just sit and listen to music. Just being present with the experience. The quality of any experience is directly related to the quality of presence you bring to it.”

Indigo Keys is hosting a Listening Party this Friday at the Center  548 Fillmore (RSVP now). This is a concept album so  it’s crucial people experience  the 33-minute album for the first time in it’s entirety with other people. This album is just as much about being a vehicle to community, connection, and vulnerability as it is about the music. You can also pre-order their album now!

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