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Sexy Clowns & a Music Orgy in the East Bay

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a visual orgy was inside

The tent was situated in the middle of a huge empty lot, no signs or reassurance that I wasn’t  about to walk into some American Horror Story scenario.  I started the night of the Bohemian Carnival’s 10 year anniversary party rolling around the deserted industrial bay coast of Alameda until I was  greeted by the fantastical and vaguely ominous big tent (pictured above). My curiosity tingled and spiked, it washed away that annoying self-preservation voice in my head that might otherwise keep me from running toward the tent.

Inside, instead of crazy scary carnival themed death, a clown marching band greets everyone and kicks off the event dancing around the tent with the crowd while scantily clad people gyrate in old west themed store front rafters surrounding the whole scene inviting you to let go, have a drink and get weird.

Think steam punk meets fairy mania with sexy, kinky, carnival folk doing their thing. A celebration of all things weird and underground performance art. They bill themselves as Bohemian Carnival – The indie circus and music orgy . What more do you need to hear?! How unrealistically damn high are your standards of fun??!! jeez.


This party over the summer celebrated their 10 year anniversary of Bohemian Carnival (seriously, where the hell have I been this whole time?!).  The circus is made up of the magical Vau De Vire performers and The Klowns.  I’m here to spread the word and recommending you get your ass to their next show immediately!


A confession =  I hate clowns, so very deeply. There is nothing ground breaking or original there, but! The clowns at this show were endearing. All the performers put on such a great, entertaining show. Admittedly, it could have been their awesome tits bubbling out of their costumes the whole show, but, whatever.  I think all clowns should take a page out of their book. Just saying, great boobs makes even the worst nightmare inducing figure more bearable.




This is only a small sampling of these bad ass performers with nerves of steel. This whole post could easily be just tons of pictures of all of them twisting and flying.


(Planet Booty being awesome as usual)

This event had two musical acts I was personally very excited to see: Planet Booty and Lafa Taylor. Planet Booty is is such a fun, sexy act that peddles fuc(n)k music like it’s going out of style. Lafa Taylor is a pretty legit hip-hop artist and has done amazing work with Bassnector.



You can catch these performers at upcoming things like:

September 22, Oakdale CA, Woodward

October 29, San Francisco

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