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Hillary Clinton Does Between Two Ferns w/ Zach Galifianakis

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If you haven’t watched the “Between Two Ferns” series with interviewer Zach Galifianakis, you’re missing out on perhaps the funniest albiet most awkward interview formats ever filmed.  Zack interviews nearly every A list actor at the Oscars one year, he f*cks with the biggest popstars like Justin Beiber and even the leader of the free world, Barack Obama.

The series is created by Scott Aukerman, of (Comedy Bang Bang), along with writer BJ Porter and of course stars Zach as the host in each episode.  Do yourself a favor and watch em all for free here sometime:  It’s dead pan, completely original, and maybe the most honest interview you’ll see out of many of the stars.

Meanwhile, Between Two Fern’s latest is with Presidential Candidate Clinton, fresh from her bout with pneumonia last week, and looking nice & recovered for her Monday night debate (Sept 26th) with Donald Trump.  As usual Galifianakis doesn’t hold anything back, he awkwardly makes fun of both candidates as well as himself.  This is easily Hillary’s best interview in months ; ).

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