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Common Mistakes Made When Buying Wholesale Clothes

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Guest Post by: Emma Williams

fashion coverBuying designer clothing from a wholesaler can save you money without sacrificing quality.  It is an opportunity to provide the best to your clients while enjoying the perks that come with wholesale purchases.  There are however many mistakes buyers will make when engaging wholesalers to their own demise. Here are some of the messes you can avoid when making your next wholesale purchase.

Assuming sizes

You need to take time and examine the sizes before making orders since American sizes will differ from many other sizes in the market. Taking time to know your sizes well will save you embarrassments, especially in pre-orders. There are chances that customers will order beforehand high means that you need to have all the sizes in your head right. This will save you spending on unnecessary attire at the end of the day. It is also wise that you know about the sizes that move most of a particular design because this will help you pick sizes that are preferred by a certain body shape and size of a certain design.

Ordering by price

It is wise that you avoid ordering by price in order to save money in the long run. The danger of ordering by price is ending up picking clothes that will not please your clients, to say the least. Designer wholesale clothing is a good way to go if you have clients that prefer class to low prices. People are more likely to buy something that costs slightly more but is of more value in this instant meaning that cheaper attire may stall altogether. Balancing between the values of the design, the cost of the clothing and the profit margins need to be well done in order to land the perfect wholesale deal.

Neglecting fine print

Fine print is what determines the process of the sale and return policies if any and so it wise that you ask the right questions before making your orders. Reading the fine print of the website will protect you from future disappointments when making your orders no matter what platform you use. The company policies are designed to protect the company from you and so may not always work towards your favor.

Buying too much to save funds

Avoid ordering more than what you need in the name of spending less per attire. You may end up having more than you need to sell or use. It is wise that you pick what you will use in this case no matter the pricing while ensuring your margins are adequate if they are for sale.



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