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Must See Treasure Island Fashion 2016

Updated: May 23, 2023 10:23
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The Best Styles From Treasure Island Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival was this last weekend, Oct 15 – Oct 16. Not to miss out on any new style trends, Broke-Ass Stuart’s fashion team was on site to document the newest trends in festival wear. There were lots of colors to be seen … but the hottest color this year was yellow.

If you have read past festival fashion reviews on sites such as ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, POPSUGAR or Harper’s BAZAAR you are likely very aware of this year’s festival trends. Some popular choices included denim shorts, cotton tops, and floppy hats. This being said, the 10th year of Treasure Island Music Festival wasn’t your typical year. This year at TIMF10 the hottest material wasn’t cotton, but instead plastic! (Also appropriate were vinyl or trash bag.)

Now that we’ve established this year’s “hottest” trend, let’s talk about who did it best:



In my opinion, nobody wore it better than this couple dressed in classic yellow rain suits. For me, they were hands down “best in class.”



While walking the edge of the festival, ironically attempting to avoid the trendy mud puddles … I spotted this group. The gentleman in the middle waved me down and asked me to take their photo. Truthfully, I’m not sure why! While the backdrop was epic and their faces were attractive … they were obviously wearing last year’s fashion! Nobody got the memo … “this year’s color is YELLOW!!!”



Moving from fans to bands, I’m so confused by Mura Masa. They sounded great … but they have zero information in their Facebook “about” section. Thus, I am unable to tell you anything about them. However, the lead singer looked sharp in her pale yellow windbreaker.



Megan James from Purity Ring had the best stage set-up. If that weren’t enough, she also matched her rain jacket perfectly to her stage lights. Additionally her rain jacket wasn’t an eyesore, in fact, she looked smashing in her bubblegum pink rain jacket.



There are those that might say that the Rain wreaked havoc on Treasure Island Music Festival. While it’s true that “the storm caused major delays, shut down the pier where the Ferris wheel and silent disco were located, and prompted two artists — Duke Dumont and Flight Facilities — to cancel performances, while other artists like How to Dress Well had abbreviated sets.” – Ryan Kost and Mariecar Mendoza SF Chronical

The band How to Dress Well did just that, their rain jackets weren’t yellow, but they were cool. In addition, Tom Krell made huddling in the middle of the stage look cool!



The saxophone player from ZHU gets an A for effort. He knew to dress up … but when everybody said rain jacket … he heard cape. It’s a common error, it happens all the time! He did, however, make wearing capes look good.



Everybody put their middle fingers in the air when Ice Cube was on stage. They were all yelling, “F$%CK YOU ICE CUBE.” I think it might have been because he made not wearing a rain jacket look super icy. While on stage he admitted to making too many movies, too many commercials and being away from the rap scene for too long. Overly commercial or not, the dude looked gangsta as $h!t Saturday on the Bridge Stage.



Ice Cube was not the only gangsta that said “F$%CK IT” to rain jackets. Young Thug … while 3 hours late to the stage … chose to wear just a white tee. The rain blasted him on the unprotected Bridge Stage but he didn’t lose his stride.


As I mentioned earlier, Young Thug was 3 hours late to the stage. In an attempt to entertain bored fans a few musicians improvised some entertainment. I’m not sure who to give thanks to first!? Should The Polish Ambassador get it for turning his 45 min set into a 2-hour set? Or should my thanks go to Kamayiah for jumping on the main stage to do a second set, when nobody else would? Her band survived even though the stage was being harassed with rained! I am unable to decide … thus they must share #9. Ultimately they both looked awesome in their yellow outfits.


Learning from Ice Cube, Young Thug, and Kamayaih my #10 shout out goes to all the Treasure Island Music Festival attendees. Everybody in attendance did a great job of saying “F$%CK IT” to the rain. I’m not certain … but I don’t think attendees knew they were supposed to stay home and complain on social media about how the rain wrecked their festival.


59_TIMF_2016_DAY2_Stefan_Aronsen copyI’d like to give one last special shout out to these guys. I’ve already done my top 10 list, but these two knew how fly they looked in their yellow slickers. So much so, they stopped to get a selfie! Sidebar, if anybody finds their selfie please send it to me?

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