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7 Matching Tattoo Ideas for Couples

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Guest Post By Emily Stone 

Nothing says “love” quite like his and hers tattoos. What better way to memorialize your relationship than with something you carry with you always? If you’ve been considering taking the inky plunge with your partner, but need a comprehensive list of tattoo ideas for couples, consider this compilation of pictures of couples tattoos to help determine what’s a good fit for you. Whether it’s big and bold or small and discreet, a tattoo is permanent. Before committing to the idea of a matching tattoo, be sure that your relationship will last as long as the ink does.


tattoo 1
Photo Credit l Woman of Scorn

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Tattoo designs that tell a story in intimate detail or reference your loved one specifically are amazing tattoo ideas for couples. The couple in the picture chose to reference each others heritage in geographical form, but this can be done in so many different variations, from a birth date, an astrological sign, and even a portrait tattoo if you’re daring enough. There’s nothing more personal than an entirely selfless tattoo.


tattoo 12jpg
Photo Credit l Zach Inglis

Foot tattoos are rarely seen by other people, giving them a sense of secrecy and making them some of the best couple tattoos. If you like the idea of small matching tattoos for couples that share a playful secret with only one another, these stegosaurus tattoos are perfect. The stegosauruses “follow” one another when both parties walk together, much like the way you and your partner follow one another through life. You can make this tattoo your own by incorporating whatever creature is appealing to you as a couple.


tattoo 3
Photo Credit l Mackenzie Mollo

If you’re like many people, you find the written Hebrew language beautiful, you should consider this tattoo. Translated as “I am my beloved’s” in both the male and female version, the idea of belonging to one another is as beautiful and timeless as the language itself. If only the language or the quote is appealing to you, you can opt for a different quote in Hebrew or perhaps the same quote in a different language. Consider a language that’s derivative of your heritage or perhaps a country you both want to explore. This could result in a lovely Greek, Gaelic, french or Japanese tattoo that is both meaningful and mysterious to foreign speakers.


tattoo 4
Photo Credit l Mackenzie Mollo

This tattoo incorporates the idea of never having to let go of your loved one, even when you’re apart. It’s ideal for those looking for simple small matching tattoos that encompass a subtle but obvious meaning. You can change this idea up a bit by tattooing a hand enveloping your actual hand or something similar. No one will have too much trouble figuring out what this charming tattoo means.

tattoo 5
Photo Credit l Sarah R

Where you first met, shared your first kiss or decided to spend your lives together are all places that are worthy of commemoration. If you love the idea of an intimate tattoo that only you and your partner will understand, consider a coordinates tattoo. Choose a place that holds special meaning between you and your mate and determine the coordinates on a map. You can add a date to the coordination numbers to mark not only the place but the time as well. This is one of the most original tattoo ideas for couples because each tattoo is bound to be as one-of-a-kind as the locations and times they’re based on.


tattoo 6

Photo Credit l Alicef

Some couples have similar interests and want tattoos that are simply matching. Perhaps like this couple, you both find anime fairy tattoos aesthetically pleasing and want to share in that interest by getting tattooed together. Couples tattoos don’t necessarily need to be derivative of romance to be meaningful. You can easily find something you both have in common or find interesting and go from there.

Photo Credit l Tracy27

tattoo 7

Photo Credit l Nicole Andres


If you and your soulmate both share a sense of whimsical taste, a playful tattoo like these matching Lego men might be right up your alley. In the modern world pop culture plays a huge part in many people’s lives. Designing a tattoo you both are fans of, whether it be a particular superhero, a character from a book, or an entire fandom, is a great way to incorporate playful intimacy into your relationship.

About The Writer: Emily is a tattoo lover and writes for Progression Tattoo, a tattoo shop in Adelaide.

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