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Photos From The Super Hero Street Fair in San Francisco

Updated: Oct 25, 2016 07:19
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In most parts of the country the word ‘freak’ is used in a negative way.  To San Franciscans, it’s usually a term of endearment.  You may be at a party in SF and hear something like, “oh you’ll like them, they’re true freaks.”  And you smile, because that means they’re authentic, weird, and above all, different.  And different is good.

In San Francisco it’s a bit of a tradition to be different, it’s tradition to not want the same haircut, or suit, or bullshit as everybody else.  It’s tradition to make your own costume with friends or alone, and to be exited about it for days if not weeks.

At an SF street party it’s safe to be as strange as possible, and people will more than likely smile and love you for it.  You get to wear your weirdness as a badge of honor.  In other words, to be unique on the inside and the outside in San Francisco, is to be an honest citizen.

We got to walk around the San Francisco Super Hero Street Fair 2016 and embrace the beautifully strange and wonderful characters.  We danced, we drank, we absorbed the freaky and super human pageantry with smiles, ear to ear.  Enjoy

All photos by Alex Mak


The Danctronauts held down the biggest dance party, they always bring energy, excitement & dancy beats


Awesome all day


These superwomen from Quircus killed it on stilts


Very cute moments


and very sassy moments


Wonderful DIY

can suit 2

100% twine and alluminum pull tabs. She spent a year making it.

can suit

vote 1


vote 2

Or dont


charlie brown


homemade and happy

bears good

This guy makes handmade bear costumes in San Leandro.

Super Hero Family


Lots of amazingly weird super hero families

bat baby

bat baby

cute kids

bat girl

child 1

cops 1

The police definitely liked walking this beat

cover 1

bat girl and robinariel 4

ariel 3ariel 1

magic trick


american manmugatukarate mc 2
st fighterspongespidermansmoke

super girls

solid gold 2gold scootergold

girls 2d3


So you at Halloween you beautiful freaks!

And if you’re looking for a good party in the bay area, here’s a list of all the Dope Halloween Parties in SF and the East Bay

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