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SF Woman Now Taking Applications For Temporary Live-in Boyfriends

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One of dear readers brought this incredible Craigslist Ad to our attention.  A Lower Haight resident is tired of Tinder and is looking for a live-in boyfriend to help with rent.  If you’re interested, just fill in an application, have $500 ready, and YOU could be this lady’s live-in boyfriend at her studio apartment for 1 week.

Why? Because Tinder does not work fast enough for everyone!  Sometimes people want to skip all the hub-bub and ‘get to know you crap’, and jump right into the living in a studio apartment together phase of a relationship.  The link to the original craigslist ad and the google doc application are at the bottom of the page.  Happy Hunting.  And if you get accepted, and go through with it…please let us know all about it!

This is the CL post verbatim:

cl tinder

Seeking live-in boyfriend

***DISCLAIMER: I am looking for a very specific arrangement.This advertisement is for a unique individual, and a unconventional temporary living situation. This is SF after all, right? I can assure you no matter how far-fetched this ad sounds, I’m 100% genuine and real. Please read the entire ad and fill out the Google form for consideration.***

Are you looking for a temporary living situation in San Francisco?
What if you could find your potential partner while doing so?

So here’s the story: I was conversing with a friend over guacamole, thinking of how I could combine looking for a boyfriend as well as a way to save on rent. I’ve never done this before, but my ideal situation would be this:

I happen to enjoy the extra advantages that accompany living with someone you’re dating i.e. cuddling, massages, impromptu yoga classes (I’m a teacher), breakfast in bed, etc. So I was thinking, what better way to test potential compatibility with someone than a week long, live-in test-run? Yeah, maybe I’m a little crazy. But the best ones are. 😉

Perhaps you’re in between leases, new to the city, or just visiting? Maybe we can help each other.

What’s on offer:
-Amazing studio apartment in the best part of the city: Lower Haight/NOPA. Walking distance to Alamo Square, the Panhandle, Golden Gate Park, Buena Vista Park.
-1 week trial (let’s see how 1 week goes)

To be shared me with:
-Me! Twenty-something Bay Area native. I’m not an ordinary woman, I’m a bold individual and varied interests and experiences that vortex into me, an empowered woman, and a great source of my fulfillment in my life is derived from helping other people feel the same way about themselves. I just returned back to California from a second 8 month solo­ trip abroad (this time India, Thailand, and Spain). I’m in constant search of satisfying my ever­-growing curiosity about the environment I find myself in.

Who I seek:
A tall, dark and handsome hunk (under 40). I love compassionate and kind people. Well-educated is appreciated, and creativity is highly valued. You should lead a healthy lifestyle, enjoy spontaneous shenanigans, and music. Bonus points: well-traveled, multi-lingual/racial, 420 friendly.

Deal breakers:
Must be incredibly clean (not just personal hygiene, but kitchen + bathroom, everythang)
Must provide three references (Moms count) and/or submit to a background check
Respect of me and my apartment
Mutual compatibility

If interested, please fill out the Google form and I will be in contact with who I see as a potential match. Good luck and happy day!

Google Doc Application Here

Original Craigslist Post Here

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  1. Shelled Silverstein
    October 27, 2016 at 11:17 am

    “I’m not an ordinary woman, I’m a bold individual and varied interests and experiences that vortex into me”

    Well, she’s trying to neologize a verb form of “vortex,” so that certainly fits the “bold and unique” narrative.

    • Rye31
      October 27, 2016 at 2:59 pm

      That’s what I took away from this too.

  2. defhigh
    October 27, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    $500 a week to share a studio in lower Haight is probably cheap these days… but do I have to fuck her?

    now that I think about it.. this probably violates several fair housing laws..

    • defhigh
      October 27, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      on other parts of Craigslist I believe this is known as “incall”

  3. HappyHighwayman
    October 27, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    Can I find a woman the same way?