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Biggest Trump Donors in San Francisco & Oakland

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Yes, Trump supporters do exist in San Francisco and Oakland.  Some are even giving thousands to his campaign.  According to (and public record) 115 San Francisco donors gave a total of $50,191 to the Trump since June 2015.  Donations to Hillary Clinton were much, much higher, in fact there are some 12k Clinton donors in San Francisco and only 115 for Trump.  Even Bernie Sanders raised more money during his primary campaign than Trump has for his presidential campaign in San Francisco.

You can search any individual’s name on the Federal Election Commissions site to see who donated what.  It’s all available to the public.  Or you can search by state and city on to see donors by geo location.

For example, SF real estate developer Scott Robertson is listed twice in their records but it’s most likely because he donated to both the Primary and Presidential campaigns.  The federal limit for an individual donation is $2700 per campaign.

robertson scott

Via ‘election tracker’ database in San Francisco

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Individuals can also give to political campaigns in other ways, by using ‘soft money’ or non-profit organizations called Super Political Action Committee (Super PACs).  Due to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation is now protected under “free speech”.  Anyone can spend money on political campaigns these days, by simply using a shell non-profit.  You can find out what anyone gives to these organizations on the  For example here’s a San Franciscan who gave $10k to a Republican super pac.


FEC records

Another standout Trump contributor in SF is Jack Davis, who is a consultant for MAXIMUS LLC, the company literally behind the “Monster in the Mission”. (no surprise there) Checkout MissionLocal’s great coverage for more on that gentrifying fiasco.

You can search the bizjournals database called the “The Bizjournals election tracker” and see all the political donations given by individuals in any city, to any political campaign, search UI is at the bottom of the article, and they list all the biggest individual donors as well.

All Trump Donators in San Francisco
All Trump Donators in Oakland

oakland donors

Or you can always search for any individual’s name on the Federal Election Commissions site to see what that donated and to which campaigns or PACs.  It’s all available to you, the public.

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