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Wiener Caught Stealing from Queer Artist to Spread Hypocritical Lie About Kim

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Holy smokes! How low can Scott Wiener go? Last week he sent out a mailer that changed the words from an SF Bay Guardian article and completely used a quote out of context, making it seem like he has both tenant and progressive support. That was bad. I thought “Oh man, Scott Wiener’s campaign can’t stoop any lower than that.”

But I was wrong.

This week Wiener’s campaign sent out the mailer below:


Why is this an all time low for Scott Wiener? First off, he stole the photo copyrighted photo from Garaje Gooch, a queer artist who took it at Juanita More’s progressive happy hour. Then he used it to lie and say Jane Kim disrespects the Chinese community for taking a pic with an Ed Lee impersonator.

But WAIT! It gets even shadier!! Check out the photo below:

This is Scott Wiener with THE EXACT SAME Ed Lee Impersonator just last year!!. In fact, I even sat next to Scott at this event!

What kind of bullshit is this Scott? You should be ashamed of yourself. How are you gonna slander Jane for taking a photo with, Barbara Liu McDowell (the Ed Lee impersonator), when you did the exact same thing? How is it that she’s disrespecting the Chinese community but you’re not? Not only are you disrespecting the artist and queer community by stealing work from a queer artist and using it for lies, you’re disrespecting the entirety of San Francisco by parading around this kind of fuckery and expecting us to believe it. It’s no secret that I’m not one of your biggest fans, but even I expected more out of you than this. Damn, man…

Anyways, here is what Garaje Gooch posted on FB about the whole thing:

I am outraged! Scott Wiener has stolen a copyrighted photo of mine from an event supporting a host of amazing TRUE Progressive candidates for office in San Francisco. Let me say this again, Scott has STOLEN my image to use to falsely claim Jane Kim disrespects the Chinese community, which couldn’t be any more untrue. This picture of Barbara Liu McDowell, a well-known and playful character impersonator, was both light-hearted and played off the mayor’s own embracing the uniqueness of his mustache. I IMMEDIATELY demand that Scott pay me for using my photo without permission, as well as issue a public apology and retraction of this political mailer, or I will be contacting my lawyer immediately to sue for damages. First he steals from Katy Perry, and now from me. Respect artists and their work Scott! Cease and desist Immediately!!

Remember, when Jane Kim suggested that both she and Scott Wiener make a pledge not to do attack ads, Scott Wiener said no. We can see why.

And we can obviously see why he’s not a person who deserves your vote.

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