An Apology from a Straight Middle-Class White Man

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Let me first say I did not vote for Trump, I voted for the future of America by casting my ballot for Hillary Clinton. Who I am might appeal to you but my beliefs, worries, angst and fight might not. I’m white, born a man, straight (although I love all kind-hearted humans) and I’ve worked my ass off to be middle class. I hate all of that now seeing that the majority of Americans of my same demographic voted for a man whose election has caused grief, pain, anger, confusion and fear for most of this great country. For those people, I apologize to the many amazing citizens I’ve encountered across the country during my life, especially within these last eight years of diversification, freedom, growth and opportunity. To say the least, for what has happened, I’m so sorry, really really sorry.

My female AMERICANS: This was supposed to be your time. Our first woman POTUS should have been taking the stand and taking a stand for you and your rights. Even with a notably sexist and demeaning male President-Elect, I know that in your lifetime there will be someone in the Oval Office to support and represent you as you deserve. To my mother, girlfriend, aunts, cousins, friends and every ambitious little girl across the country, it will happen, even if you have to get a little nasty first.

My African-AMERICANS: I can’t even fathom how it feels to have an amazing President for eight years that gave so much inspiration to your community and united a lot of us, and then end up with someone who is openly racist and backed by some of the most hate-mongering people and organizations. To my favorite girl in Miami, my little cousin here in Detroit, my main man from France and every other African-American out there, nothing has stopped you and nothing will stop you, not even someone so far disconnected from your culture will suppress you.

MY LGBTQ-AMERICANS: Your community is equal in every way, no matter how much unjust homophobic diarrhea has come and will come from Trump, Pence (especially) and their supporters. You were born this way and also born American and that’s all that you need to keep reminding yourself. No matter where you are in your journey, millions of us will stand up for you as you have stood up for yourself. To my 364-day-older cousin, I’ve always looked up to you, so please take your save-the-dates out of the trash and marry that beautiful man no matter what! To my new friend from bowling I met on election the night, the love I saw you have for your girl is undeniable and the fear that you two showed about being denied your rights to marry is heartbreaking. I promised I would perform your ceremony and I’ll keep that promise.

My Hispanic-AMERICANS: High-school Spanish don’t fail me now. ¡Lo siento, lo siento mucho! Your culture is part of the backbone to the American society in so many ways. For hundreds of years you have given us so much yet it has been taken for granted. Doing whatever it takes to support your family, doing the jobs that no other American would do, giving us some of the best food in the world and all-around being such a proud community you rightfully make many people without that passion and pride very envious. The true “bad hombres” are the bigots that exude  jealousy, close-mindedness and inane improbable acts of creating abominations such as this proposed wall and the deportation of millions.

My Muslim-AMERICANS: I just read a post from a friend of mine who teaches in a diverse inner-city neighborhood.

Someone tell me what to say when a 10-year-old asks you if it’s safe for her to wear a hijab in public anymore. Crying with her in the coat room probably isn’t the best answer but I don’t know what is anymore.”

I am so sorry that your country treats you like this and creates fear in your children. I know many of you or your parents fled war-torn countries for promises of better. Now with the Nazi-like condemnations brought toward your people throughout the President-Elect’s campaign my heart hurts and my blood boils for how much more you’ll have to endure in the next four years. Notably, the teacher friend of mine I quoted is a white female, this shows that millions of your fellow Americans are here for you and your children.

I’m sorry to all of you that your fellow Americans didn’t see fit enough to be selfless and think about their country as a whole, but instead cast their votes based on selfishly harmful beliefs. From January 20th of next year until January 20th of 2021 we have to be stronger and harder working than ever before. For now, you have every right to mad, distraught and disillusioned, but soon you will need to take that energy and use it for the positive fight as to not set this country back. The best thing about so many Americans being rightfully pissed off is that every open-minded and loving human in your country is here to support and protect you and your rights. After all, it’s all of these communities, cultures and Americans that make America more than great, so let’s band together make it even greater!

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Curtis Schabath

Curtis Schabath

Prof. Rev. Curtis Conrad Schabath loves being a native Detroiter, dog dad, vinyl slut, and old-school fool. This queer Cancer can be found equally at marches and rallies, on the trails, beach, or streets, taking time to volunteer and teach, and micro-dosing in the morning plus meditating at night just to handle it all. Phone on DND, camera on hand, a few dollars in the pocket, and heart full of love and protection is how they emote and float through this crazy thing (and electric word) called"life".