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Yelling ‘Fuck Trump’ Isn’t Enough

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Trump won the electoral vote but he lost the popular vote.

Let’s be honest with ourselves… no matter who was chosen as the next president, there were bound to be riots. However, I was floored when I learned that Hillary did not win and my party would be the rioters. I was proud of her supporters as they took to the streets in protest, but I assumed our rallies would be sophisticated and democratic. Based on what I’m seeing on TV, I feel like our political party is acting out in a childish and embarrassing way.

As a progressive artist, who hates to be labeled, I don’t like to consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. I vote for people and topics, but if I must be labeled, I consider myself a west coast voter. My political opinions are shaped by a people group that moved from around the world to live near other like-minded people. Perhaps I’m alone in this theory, but I think it’s a lot like music genres. Musicians can no longer be classified simply as rock, and I am not just a democrat. We’re moving away from labels that limit us and progressing toward concepts and ideas that connect us.

Pre-election, this west coast voter found himself watching video after video on Facebook of Trump supporters getting irate, angry, racist, and hateful. I recall many times thinking, I’m so glad I’m better than that, I’m so glad the people that vote like me are above such behavior. On November 8th, Hillary lost the election, and people took to the streets to protest. I’m proud of my friends that are voicing their distrust of Trump, and letting the world know they don’t agree with his politics. I just hope you consider what your message is. When I watch post-election videos of “my people” on Facebook, I want us to be representing the values that are truly important to us. I want others to watch our protest videos and think, “Damn, those people respond in a way that matches their goals, aspirations, and progressive thoughts.”

This morning I woke up to the news reports of riots in Portland. Protestors in Oakland are vandalizing the buildings of small shop owners. Videos are hitting facebook of marchers in San Francisco chanting “Fuck Donald Trump.” I fully support the groups of people that are taking to the street to express their frustration. I love seeing your hand-made signs and reading about the topics that are important to you. I recognize that you feel like we’re taking 10 steps backward. We want our president to speak about love, acceptance, strength, community. Based on Donald Trump’s actions thus far, we are doubtful that he will do this. So instead of asking him to change his ways, we run to the streets and yell “not my president.” However, for the next 4 years, he is.

Thus my request to you is simple. Please don’t vandalize my building with spray paint that says, “Fuck Trump.” Stop breaking the windows of small business owners. Instead of carrying bats, carry the message you really want to send. You’re starting to drown in your hate for Trump, your chants have become simplified even dumbed down to the caliber of a Trump rally. Today I would like to challenge you to think of the message you really want to send the world and stop yelling juvenile statements like “Fuck Donald Trump.”

We are strong educated people with a voice, a people group with something to say. We are strong advocates for change, we recognize that the system is broken and we want it fixed. We read books, watch movies and have deep conversations with friends and loved ones. Then why is it we can’t express ourselves in better ways than, “Fuck Donald Trump.”

I am a music promoter in the Bay Area, I am surrounded by musicians, songwriters, singers, journalists, and editors. This is my cry to you, rise up and give our people a voice. Write music, lyrics, chants, and commentary that people can bring with them to rallies and protests. When people have trouble expressing their feelings they often look for music to help them cope. This feels like a moment when people are having trouble finding their voice. Please write the songs, that will inspire and give people the words they need. I want to be at riots, protest, walkouts, and gatherings, chanting the words of this generation. Help us to find words that are stronger than, “Fuck Donald Trump.”

To repeat, my request to you, if you’re going to protest, stop traffic, and take people’s valuable time… let your words tell the world about your goals for our country. It is too easy for us to say “Fuck Donald Trump.” I challenge you to reconsider your message and find ways to better express your true feelings. Anybody can say “fuck this,” it takes real courage to stand up for specific topics. So at the next protest I attend, bring your words, songs, and commentary, give our people something worthwhile to chant. Though we are hurt, angry, scared and alienated… let us chant words that represent the United States we want.

Please use the comment box below to post links to your music, lyrics, chants, and commentary. I want to see it!

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Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

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