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MultiKulti Closing in the Mission

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Tragedy on Valencia Street, just another victim of rising rent prices in San Francisco.  Mulitkulti, the store I have been getting my $6 dollar sunglasses and Burning Man accoutrement from for the last 10 years is closing.


The owner Reda Darwish who is almost always found with a friendly, calm, smile behind the counter told Mission Local that the rent is going to increase to $5,000 a month, and that is just too much for a small costume shop.   Everyone knows that Valencia street is really the forefront of gentrification in the Mission, and these days if you’re not backed by venture capital or a sneaky franchise, your odds of keeping up with increasing rents are slim.

The shop’s last day in business in December 31st.  So get on down there if you can and pick out some animal print tights, or some neon fishnet cloves, because you know you’ll have to pay three times as much on Haight Street in the future.

multi leggins

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