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How to Boycott Trump Companies & Affiliates

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In Washington, Trump and his family appeared celebrated the grand opening of his new hotel Trump International Hotel in a ribbon cutting ceremony. Photo:

Never before in history has the United States elected a President with no political experience or voting record.  Trump has voted at dozens of beauty pageants but that is not quite the same thing.  He has experience running casinos, golf courses, and an online university but those entities are not the same as governments and legislatures.  He has made executive level decisions on television during the Celebrity Apprentice where he had to decide between firing people like Gary Busy or Meatloaf.  President Obama famously mocked Trump about his “credentials and breadth experience” at the 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner, when no one in politics or media took Trump seriously as a political candidate.

President Elect Trump has a lot to learn about how to run a country and people are concerned that his privately owned companies may sway his political decision making in the future, after all Trump has only made business decisions in his career, not political ones.  In a New York Times interview Maggie Haberman asked Trump about a potential conflict of interest with his massive business connections and holdings:

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A quote chillingly similar to Richard Nixon’s words in a 1977 interview with David Frost, taking place after Nixon was forced to resign the Presidency after corrupting the office.  When Nixon was asked if there were no limits to what a president could do, even if the president wants to do something plainly illegal?

Nixon replied,  “If the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

If you are a journalist who would like to keep an eye on President-elect Donald Trump’s private companies and affiliates, or if you are a person who doesn’t wish to spend their money in support of the future president’s private holdings, there is now an App that lists all of the President Elect Donald Trump’s business interests.

Want to voice your opinion about Trump conflicts of interest? Do it with your money, something Trump understands.

The App allows you to search through 250 companies and people to see how they’re directly connected to Trump. The App is called Boycott Trump and you can download it on iTunes and Google Play.  It is created by


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