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The Dirtbag Motorcycle Challenge in Hunters Point

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Burnouts, motherfuckers. All Photos by Alex Mak

The 2016 Dirtbag Challenge ended in a San Francisco street party with bikers, bands, burnouts, beer, and even a little bbq.  On a normally quiet, industrial road in Hunters Point they gathered to celebrate the return of the 2016 competitors.  The challenge?  To build a motorcycle in 30 days for less than $1,000…that would ride at least 90 miles.  Apparently this year they rode to Calistoga and back, and bike lovers from all over the bay showed up to welcome them home.

dirtbag tshirt

The only merch they were selling were tshirts from the 2015 challenge, which of course is awesome.

The Dirtbag organizer Poll Brown rode into the party on his motorcycle, he rode through the crowd and practically up to the stage where he proceeded to lay down rubber.  I don’t know much about motorcycle parties but I imagine that is how the host is supposed to arrive. A friend tells me Poll’s been organizing the challenge for more than 10 years and he chooses a random starting time each year so no one can get a head start on building their bike.  The only other rule is “No Harleys” which from what I understand is like having a “No Budweiser” rule at a beer drinking party.

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biker babes_edited-1

biker crowd

I was one of the few in attendance who wasn’t wearing leather or a patch, but in typical SF fashion, nobody gave a shit.  It didn’t seem to matter whether you were SF motorcycle Club (since 1904) the Motorcycle & Misfits from Santa Cruz (checkout there biker podcast), The East Bay Rats, The Pacific Savagez, The Blue Meanies, (or any number of clubs in attendance) or if you were just a motorhead, everyone chilled together in the streets, BYOB.  And that includes babies wearing ear muffs, or infants on mini bikes.

biker pack_edited-1


Later in the night I’m told they give out prizes for the best dirtbag bikes, categories are things like cleverest, prettiest, sketchiest, coolest ect.  And the trophies themselves are works of art – motorcycle helmets with blade saws attached or other painted or sculpted biker gear.

bikers random

The Band's name is "Butt Problems" so naturally they get top billing in this article

One of the Bands names was “Butt Problems” pictured here) so naturally we included them

Are you a dirtbag living on the East Coast?  You’re in luck! “After 13 years of San Francisco Dirtbags, they are bringing the challenge to the mean streets of NYC. So, raid the garage, dumpsters, your neighbors yard. do what you have to do and get to building a bike for the first annual” NYC DBC.

more bikes

biker xmas

Merry Christmas Dirtbags!

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