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12 Days of Giftmas: The Alternative, Dope, Vintage & Handmade

Updated: Jan 03, 2017 05:11
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’Tis the season and it’s still not too late for giving. In the essence of the 12 Days of Christmas (and/or Eight Days of Hanukkah and seven days of Kwanzaa) here’s a list of twelve awesome gift ideas to help you out with your last minute shopping! These thoughtful and sometimes unique presents will not only warm the hearts of recipients but will benefit some dope small businesses and give them the recognition they deserve!

IMG_14511) First showcasing is Black Black Moon and this geode bolo that is 100% handmade. She also carries tons of awesome stone, gem, crystal  and bone jewelry and accessories!

IMG_15612) Bringing you the perfect gift for the cold weather is another handmade product by a genuinely awesome soul. This fabulously functional cowl from can be found in a rainbow wide selection. Melisa also carries infinity scarves and San Fran embroidery for you to love!

IMG_1630 23) This one is for the nature lovers! Mystical Makings only uses natural and organic materials to design beautiful jewelry including this polished Petoskey stone wrapped in a hemp setting! They carry tons of gorgeous stone, crystal and wood accessories plus some really cool hand carved wooden utensils and rings!

IMG_16414) Gift your favorite audiophile some great vinyl from your local record store! If the internet is more your style,, Smartpunk and San Fran’s very own Amoeba are solid ways to find great discs! (This delicious Christmas collection is courtesy of Found Sound.)

IMG_16515) Looking for a present for that (good kind) of weirdo in your life? Loved to Death and their wonderful plethora of taxidermy, specimens, oddities, vintage medical devices, and other creepily fun items. (Specimens pictured are from Painted Lady Trashions and on her IG (Don’t worry, she ships!))

IMG_17436) Speaking of brains, books are a great gift to the mind! Literature from super fun and talented authors who are the little guys writing for everyone! All of the book pictures and so many authors just trying to make it can be found on good ‘ol Amazon!


7) Stylish haircuts are all the rage and more recently a damn good hat goes a long way too. Goorin Bros, Stormy Kromer and Carhartt offer a selection of hats and caps so diverse and stylish you’ll find something for every cranium occasion (Hats off the coolest concept of hatter and barber all in one, Hi Hat Detroit is the perfect place to gift your beard and locks to the works of master stylists paired with shelves chock full natural and local product for hair and skin (they carry fancy accessories too.)

IMG_21138) What’s better than gifting your special parts the most comfortable underwear in the world? When you’re getting them from a charitable company too! Pants off dance off with MeUndies, who carries so many dope styles and all the cuts for your butt! They donate proceeds to Cupids Undie Run, Children’s Tumor FoundationMake-A-Wish, Amber Rose Slut Walk  and Fam 1st Family plus countless other charities.IMG_2159

9) A diamond is forever? Nah, but a tattoo is and you can’t pawn it either. Give your loved ones a way to immortalize and carry something near and dear to them for life. (With shops like Signature Tattooyou know you’ll be providing a gift that is crafted with integrity and talent every damn time.)

IMG_2371 2

10) Man’s best friend is undoubtedly family too! There are so many great fur friendly establishments with fun and healthy gift options. For wearable and chewable pup presents try natural and locally sourced treats, hemp collars and harnesses, organic dog food and kosher toys. (Maestros Dog Haus offers delicious snacks like Rambo’s new favorite, chicken chips, and seat belt collars from Detroit Manufacturing as seen on Tucker who’s staring down his “chewish” squeak toy!)

IMG_247011) The card is the most underrated part of the gift. An awesome card is a great way to make a thoughtful present even better! (These handmade greeting cards from participants at The Michigan Neuropsychological Society will grow the heart of any Grinch!)


12) PopSockets is the shameless plug, but for good reason. If it weren’t for this chic and utilitarian cell phone attachment none of the photos you see here would be possible. Whether you’re choosing one of the many fabulous designs or creating your own, the PopSocket triples as a stylish grip for the most steady of selfies, works great as an angled stand for watching the YouTube (or porn) and has an optional mount to place in the car.

If you’re not into material things, charity is the way to go. Choose an organization that is near and dear to your heart, their heart or the entire family. You can also make donations in someone’s honor or memory. Mike Pence really loves donations to Planned Parenthood in his name and Cupid’s Undie Run is a hilariously heartfelt way to benefit Children’s Tumor Foundation which helps kids suffering from neurofibromatosis.

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