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Hey boys and girls! Welcome to the funniest, the wackiest, and the wildest White Supremacist fails EVER caught on camera!

We’ve got Nazi fails, we’ve got Klan accidents, we’ve got good old fascists falling right on their asses! Tonight, on White Supremacist Bloopers!

Let us begin with the always classic “Sieg Fail”!


swas fail




The Cutest Racist Fail EVER!

cutest sieg fail



Speaking of Nazis, check out this klutzy-pants!


Whoah! Careful on the ice you stupid Storm Trooper!

Nazi Fail!

nazi bear

Oh No! You dumb Nazi’s, don’t you know that Norm is a bear!?!

nazi that coing

#SiegFail #Homophone?!!!

confederate flag

South Carolina

Heyoo! Talk about bringing a Nazi flag to a Confederate party! So Wacky!!


Missouri pro war supporters


klan fall

Longbeach CA Klan



A High School in Minnesota

Not another #KlanAccident!

kkk burning

AKA #Grandpa-is-a-fire-cracker

White Supremacist? Try Bride Supremacist!


Actual KKK community in Arkansas

The Masterbate Race!

masterbate race

Don’t Pick Your Nose You Silly Nazi!

nose pick

British Nazis Too!

Let’s all help more fascists to fail!

If you see a swastika on a wall somewhere we recommend you report it to authorities. Or, if you happen to have your own can of spray paint, go ahead and turn it into a Windows 95 logo! #YouGotMicrosofted #SecretSwastika


Goodbye, and till next time…#SiegFail!

nazi cry


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