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Comedian You Need To Know: Bridget Everett

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In every “I quit!” fantasy, there’s the part where you unleash a string of expletives at your boss, at your co-workers, and even at the intern who can never get your coffee order right (Laura). But what if you could be as profane and as in-the-face of everyone as you wanted, and then get paid to do it?

Enter Bridget Everett. Though you may not know it, you’ve definitely seen her perform before. Everett’s brand of comedy (frequently referred to as “alt-cabaret”) has been hers for years, but since she’s finally stepping into the larger spotlight, it’s time to get the 411 on your new favorite comedian.

Originally from, Bridget Everett has been performing in NYC since 2007. Her debut show, At Least It’s Pink, was covered by The New York Times and was concurrently referred to as a “combination of cabaret, stand-up and a particularly volatile episode of ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’” The reviewer then refers to Everett as “frightening,” “bawdy” and as having “the delicacy of a linebacker.”

Basically, Bridget Everett is the corner of your filthy, filthy mind personified on-stage and, yes, it’s fucking awesome.

Describing her performances to The Boston Globe, Everett admits that she knows “It’s not your normal show…. The more fun they’re willing to have, the more fun I’m willing to have. It’s like a dance.

By ‘dance,’ Everett means gyrating on audience members, spraying whipped cream on her panties, and singing songs with titles like “What I Gotta Do (To Get That Dick in My Mouth).” Her performances in NYC, and on later regional tours, gained her a cult following and a regular stint at Joe’s Pub – a highly regarded performance space for up-and-coming artists.

Many of her collaborators see past the crude language and focus solely on the art of Everett’s performance and the passion that drives it.  “If [audiences] can get over the shock of many of the elements of it,” Emmy-winning songwriter Marc Shaiman says, “her compassion and her humanity really comes through. That’s what makes all the greats great.”

“My only concern, in the beginning, was that people wouldn’t consider me a singer,” Everett says of her early days. “You know this show is a lot different, right? It’s fun, but it’s wild.”

But while the wild parts of her performance have gotten her an audience, they’ve also gotten her bigger performance jobs.  Moviegoers will recognize Everett as one of Carrie Bradshaw’s interview candidates in the Sex and the City movie, and as Kat from Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. It makes sense that Everett was in Schumer’s film – she’s also done stand up on Inside Amy Schumer and has participated in a few sketches.

But get ready to see a lot more of Everett – and no, I don’t just mean when she’s flashing her boobs at you during a show.  She has a few projects lined up for 2017, including a few films and Season 2 of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Lady Dynamite. With the hell year that 2016 has been, Bridget Everett is the comedian (and performer) that we need right now.

And at the very least, we’ll know exactly what we’re getting when we see her next year. Like Everett says on her website (in large, bold letters) – “I may never play Madison Square Garden… but I AM going to sit on your face.”

You can find out where to see Bridget next at her Offical Website and follow her on Twitter!

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