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Turn Your Blood into Protest Art

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Have you ever thought of immortalizing a piece of yourself?  Do you badly want to show the world that you protest a Donald Trump administration?  Are you a dirty, left leaning, creative (like us), AND happen to be in the Los Angeles area Friday, January 13 and/or Saturday January 14th?
Good!  This is your chance to be part of something dope.  Give some blood, and it will go into  creating a massive piece of protest art by an internationally known artist.

From the gang of protest artists that brought you all of those nude Donald Trump Statues which appeared in 5 major cities across the US and blew up an international press cycle.

trump better

Photo: Judith Shavar

In collaboration with the audacious artist Illma Gore, who brought the world the Donald Trump portrait that went viral and caused her to be assaulted by Trump supporters and live under near constant harassment from Trump cronies.

illma gore

Illma Gore, post viral, pre Reddit AMA

Message from the organizers, Indecline:

“The morning of November 9th, as the results of the most polarizing election in recent memory sent shock waves of fear and disgust throughout the country, American activist collective INDECLINE and Illma Gore released a call to arms. Imploring artists from all mediums, their aim was to create a large-scale act of artistic solidarity and in its wake, leave behind a poignant piece of politically charged artwork in hopes of closing the cultural and political chasm currently dividing the country.

On Friday, January 13 and Saturday January 14th in Los Angeles, CA, INDECLINE and an anonymous blood bank partner will team up to host the Blood Drive at a location which will be disclosed only to participants. In an act of solidarity, high profile donors from the world of art, music, graffiti and activism will come together to give blood and create a powerful message of unity in the face of social, cultural and political adversity. Donors will each give up to 1 pint (473ml) of blood. INDECLINE filmmakers and photographers will be on site at the blood drive to document the process from start to finish.”

To Sign up to Give Blood For the Mural Contact:


Give your blood, and it will become part of a piece of art, forever.  After Illma is finished painting, the mural will be “sealed” with a layer of acrylic and the artwork will go on display to the public on Sunday, January 15th at:

Samuel Freeman Gallery
2639 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

bloo wall

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  1. Jack Green
    January 11, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    Sure, waste LIFE giving blood…That makes a statement…The statement is you are morons!