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Live Podcasts at Sketchfest in San Francisco

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I realize I am ridiculously late to the party, but I just discovered that Sketchfest hosts live recordings of podcasts during the San Francisco comedy festival’s run. I enjoy standup as much as the next person but I am a huge podcast nerd.

I found out about this because on of my favorite podcasts, The West Wing Weekly recorded on Sunday. Unfortunately, it sold out like a day after tickets went on sale and even my offers to whore myself out to them weren’t enough to get in. I may have gone a step too far when I mentioned, if given the chance, I would totally stalk the fuck out of Bradley Whitford.

My good friend is a huge fan of the Nerdist and introduced me to it recently, so I snapped up tickets for Saturday’s recording.

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So, you can join me Saturday afternoon in trying to stalk Jon Hamm who is appearing at the sold out JV Club or you can just buy tickets to one of the many awesome shows that still have seats available and geek out with me at the Nerdist. The whole crew will be there including Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, and Jonah Ray, and special guest Nathan Fillion. You can get your tickets here!


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