Protesters Charge Police Line in Trump Inauguration Protest

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When Trump was sworn this morning in Washing D.C., protesters dressed all in black began marching through the capital streets.  Cars and shop windows were vandalized, the police began firing flash bang grenades as well as launching clouds of pepper spray into the crowds.  Tim Pool’s live periscope feed and WeAreChange on Youtube are covering all of this LIVE.

Here is footage from WeAreChange, who was at the point where police formed a barricade and boxed in the protesters.   The protesters then charge the line through a hail of pepper spray.

Happening simultaneously in the capital, and in stark contrast, was the pagantry of the inauguration in gold leafed halls, with the major news networks and flashing cameras.

Here’s Trump signing 3 things: “Mattis waiver bill into law, formal nominations 2 Senate & proclamation for nat’l day of patriotism” as his first acts as POTUS.

It’s crazy how NONE of the major news networks covered the people in the streets as this unfolded.  Many on the ground I imagine are being thrown into police wagons as you read this.

Continued coverage live on the streets of DC can be found on Tim Pool’s Periscope Feed.

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