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Boycott These Companies Because They Sell Trump Brands

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The only thing Donald Trump loves almost as much as he loves himself is money. His name is synonymous with rapacious, hyper-capitlistic, wealth accumulation…and well, whatever the opposite of accumulation is (ahem…how many bankruptcies?). He’s so associated with money that if you woke up from a 30 year coma an someone said “Donald Trump” you’d say, “oh that guy with all the money”.

Well fuck him and his greed too. The only way you can get to someone like that is through their wallet. And since he doesn’t seem to plan on divesting from his economic ventures, despite being president, we can help him do that by boycotting any company that does business with him and his family.

That’s where #GrabYourWallet comes in. Grab Your Wallet keeps an up to date list of all the companies that sell Trump brands, that way you know not to spend your money there. They also give you a script of what to say so you can call or email the companies and ask them to stop carrying Trump brands.

I’m not gonna lie, some of these will be harder to boycott than others, especially Amazon. But if you wanna kick Trump in the dick this is probably the closest you can come to doing so.


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