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Music You Should Know: Prof

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Yesterday (1/30), Prof and his entire tour’s van was robbed in Santa Cruz. They lost almost $30k in equipment, money, and personal items. We’re all about helping the little guy, kick them a few bucks as they have no plans of stopping the tour.

He’s known as an Animal, Ghost, Bar Breaker, and a totally Farout Standout Moron going Apeshit. Most importantly he’s a Gampo! Rapper and vocalist Prof is leaving Minnesota and bringing his TimeBomb tour to a hole-in-the-wall near you (including San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill)! Climbing his way to underground Rap royalty, Prof’s decade-long journey has helped fine tune a definitive hip-hop sound that blends a little bit of R&B and midwest fast rap over homemade and homegrown beats infused amid the fun and enticing lyrics that tells many stories from all aspects of life. All of this is most likely why his Rhymesayers debut album, Liability, peaked at 141 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Having three mixtapes AND three self-released albums even before Liability, Prof has always shown incredible diversity as he seamlessly maneuvers between outrageous experiences and extraordinary fantasies. There’s a handful of reasons, on his albums and off, to make Prof and his work, something you should know:

Live Shows: Always full of powerful enthusiasm and humor coupled with an intense and dynamic spectacle that draws you in from beginning to end. Whether it’s packing Detroit’s most famous basement venue immortalized by Eminem’s ‘8-Mile’, The Shelter, or filling in last minute for Busta Rhymes at Soundset music festival, Prof truly can entertain crowds of all shapes and sizes. Shoot, the dude even has his own festival going three years strong, Prof Outdoors. 

Prof Outdoors

Albums: If you prefer your beats and rhymes from the comfort of your own home there are some great albums to peep, most of them which are free. Yes, free; King Gampo, Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 and Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2. As always, let’s support the little guy and buy something such as 2015’s Liability, arguably Prof’s best work and namesake for one of his most extensive tours. Keep your eyes open in 2017 for his newest untitled release he just finished recording weeks ago.

Prof Liability

Highly Validated: Sway, from MTV and Sway in the Morning, has nothing but admiration for Prof’s work and especially his live performances. Where Sway considers Prof a ‘Minneapolis Legend’, Dwight Hobbes of the Twin Cities Daily Planet asserted that Prof’s 2011 album, King Gampo, was “asinine, narcissistic self-indulgence run completely riot, without a shred of redeeming artistry” and “rap at its worst”. You decide for yourself when you realized he’s backed and joined by Slug (Atmosphere), Riff Raff, Petey Pablo, Waka Flocka Flame, Brother Ali, Tech N9ne, and Yelawolf.

Snapchat: Add Prof on Snapchat @profstophouse and you won’t be mad about the tour life antics and on-the-road restaurant reviews. One of the most notable snap segments is the occasional slew of snaps called ‘Prof’s Kitchen’, which is literally quality cooking lessons from Prof’s Kitchen. His social media, in general, is something to follow for new music, interviews, behind-the-scenes looks, tour dates, and hilarity.

Prof Snapchat

Bonus: Prof had a legit twitter (@profgampo (same for Instagram)) feud with John Stamos before they kissed and made up, but let’s be real, what other rapper can get on Uncle Jesse’s level?

Prof John Stamos

John Stamos Prof

Catch Prof on his TimeBomb tour, on the road NOW!

Prof Time Bomb Tour

Note: Yesterday (1/30), Prof and his entire tour’s van was robbed in Santa Cruz. They lost almost $30k in equipment, money, and personal items. We’re all about helping the little guy, kick them a few bucks as they have no plans of stopping the tour.

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