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Trump’s Refugee Ban Sparks Crowdfund for Muslim American Storytelling

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Via – Filmmaker Michael Morgenster

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Shocked by Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” last Saturday, The American Muslim Storytellers are launching a community crowdfunded grant: the Muslim American Storytellers Grant.

Grant judges include:
– Lexi Alexander, Oscar-nominated director
– Justin Mashouf, Emmy-award-winning filmmaker
– Dana Harris, Editor in Chief, Indiewire
– Iman Zawahry, Film Grant Director,
– Caroline von Kuhn, Director of Artist Development, San Francisco Film Society
Deadline for applications & crowdfunding is. Applications will be approved on a rolling basis, so we encourage people to apply early!
Why it’s important: In our country today, there is an atmosphere of fear, Islamophobia, and misunderstanding. This project works to push back against the discourse that has demonized Muslims, leading to discriminatory practices and societal mistreatment, and celebrate the experience of being Muslim in America today:
“We wanted to give people a way to directly support the American Muslim community. Anyone who believes that Muslims deserve a powerful voice today can give directly to people who want to tell their own stories,” said Michael Morgenstern, founder of the grant.
“This grant seeks to fundamentally challenge existing depictions of Islam and Muslims by challenging the negative social constructions of our community that continue to be promoted and facilitated. We are at a crucial moment where the American Muslim story is more important than ever and this grant will make it possible for our story to be told by us and not about us,” said Somayeh Nikooei, Senior Director of Programs and Operations at the Islamic Scholarship Fund.
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