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Tech That Warns You Before Buying Trump Products

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Do you wish to avoid enriching Donald Trump while he is holding public office?  Now there’s a Trump Boycott browser extension for that, it warns you when you are visiting a store that directly supports the Trump business empire.

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This is the first time in the history of the USA that we have elected a Commander and Chief who is simultaneously a salesman and international brand.  Although there are massive conflicts of interest with running private businesses while holding the most powerful public office in the world, Trump has not in any meaningful way relinquished control over his companies, he simply put his children in charge of them.  The idea that there will not be any conflicts of interest with a President’s family owning and operating several international corporations while in office is an open joke, and not a very funny one.  Trump literally has 15 different hotels on 3 different continents with his name printed on the side of them.  And the Trump family are planning several more hotel developments internationally in 2017 (pending acceptance from foreign governments), along with many other business interests both domestically and abroad.

We know Trump has sold everything from steaks, to ties, to worthless diplomas at his defrauded online University in the past, but how will the average citizen keep track of his business entanglements going forward?

Luckily some amazing women have taken charge and created a movement that informs consumers when they are enriching the Trump family.  The #GrabYourWallet movement began shortly after a recording of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women was released.  On the recording Trump was having a conversation with TV personality Billy Bush, Billy Bush was fired for his part in the conversation while Trump was subsequently elected President of the United States.   The #GrabYourWallet movement is dedicated to informing consumers on how they can boycott Trump related products if they so chose.

Now, Leanne Luce of has built a chrome extension that uses the GrabYourWallet data to literally alert consumers when they visit an online store that does business with Trump or his family, endorses Trump, or is owned by Trump.

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Trump Boycott chrome extension warns you when an online retailer supports or enriches the Trump empire

The chrome extension simply warns you with a non obtrusive red bar at the top of your browser, and it also suggests alternative sites with similar products from companies that do not enrich the Trump family.  We tested the chrome extension and it works great.

Get the Chrome Extension Here

The public list of retailers that support Trump as well as alternative companies that made statements against him, removed advertising on Breitbart, or stopped doing business with the Trump family can be found at

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Try the boycott trump chrome extension, because it’s not always this obvious when Trump is trying to steal your money

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