PALentine’s Day: Celebrating Being Single with Friends

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Palentine's Day

Valentine’s isn’t just for couples and all the single ladies! Spread the love by sharing the Day of Love with your single friends. Who cares if you’re single?

You’re amazing, and you know it. Your friends are amazing and deserve all of the love, too! Valentine’s is a wonderful day to honor your friendship with PALentine’s Day:

Lazy Day In

Invite friends over and order takeout. Find the pizza joint that delivers slices as big as your face, and settle down to binge watch your favorite shows or movies. Have a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) marathon, or watch every single James Bond film.

Wear your pajamas. Build a ridiculous multi-room blanket fort that involves using your flexibility to the max, or if you want to go really crazy, play the fan version of New Girl’s True American game. Furniture may be compromised in the name of PALenitine’s.

Fall for Something New

With friends, make a mutual list of “I always wanted to do ____.” Take time to appreciate the small stuff and big stuff. Take time to fall in love with a new book, recipe, language, hiking trail or the art of painting.

Draw lots if you have to settle on an activity, and then adventure away! Try something new and let yourself fall in love with it, whether it’s a friend’s traditional family dish or laughing as you try to hold a yoga pose.


Have a Secret PALentine’s Gift Exchange

It’s like Secret Santa, but it may be more fun to play Dirty Santa, where you can steal a gift you prefer. You all may end up with a lot of chocolate, or you may end up with tickets to see a favorite comedian.

Who knows? It’s fun to see what friends come up with, and your gift will be even more unique and valuable coming from a treasured friend.

Listen to the Rhythm

Songs, their lyrics and sound, are a big part of your everyday life. The right song will empathize with any situation and get you pumped. Music has a huge impact on people, lifting your mood and bringing individuals of different backgrounds together.

That’s what makes live concerts so great, where you are able to pick up on a collective emotional experience through sound with friends. You are able to understand emotions around a composition, perceiving emotions of a music piece vicariously. Ambient music boosts creativity, and certain genres of music can actually predict your personality: Rock music fans are creative and soul fans are chill. So, pick a live show in town and feel the music and rhythm with friends!

Give Back

Give love out to people who feel underappreciated. Nurse a sick friend back to health, or help another friend set up a new television. Call up a local homeless shelter or humane society for animals to volunteer your time. Serve a hot meal with a smile and get a smile back. Walk puppies and play with kittens with friends. Give back to your friends and the community this PALentine’s Day!

Craft Day

Host a Craft Day party, pairing craft beers with making crafts. Purchase googly eyes to stick on random things. Have your friends pool leftover craft supplies and items around the house to see what weird stuff you can make together while enjoying an amazing brew.

Spread your supplies out on a big table where everything is accessible, and it’s a good idea to cover the table with newspaper in case of glitter explosions! Similarly, spread out snacks and beers in a nearby area to refill on when sustenance is needed.


Create a PALentine’s Best Craft Award for the winner of who brought the best beer and who made the most ridiculous craft. Don’t forget the photos. They’re necessary for future blackmail and shenanigans.

Indulge yourself and spread the love among friends, whether that’s enjoying a lazy day in or volunteering in the community. Love’s all around you.

There are many affordable and fun ideas to enjoy with your best friends on PALentine’s Day. All you have to do is amplify your mutual weirdness and usual shenanigans, by looking around you and being spontaneous. Show your appreciation for your friends, and ring in PALentine’s with the best people you know!

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Kacey Bradley

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