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Bizarre Press Conference was Totally NOT Donald “Ranting and Raving”

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Trump “this is fine” - Via Twitter @JonathanHair

Trump “this is fine” – Via Twitter @JonathanHair

I will be the first to say that this particular piece is an opinion piece. It is not “fake news”. (Although as we saw on Feb 16, almost anything can conveniently be shoved into that category.) It is simply a reactionary opinion piece written directly after watching an hour and 15 minutes of anxiety-inducing “reassurance” paramount to things people usually only mutter to themselves in a cold shower after a bender.

Last night’s  press conference didn’t disappoint with the usual Trump theatrics. It appeared thrown together rather hastily in response to mounting media criticism over the 45th president’s recent executive orders and cabinet choices.  The result was a frighteningly disjointed and desperate reassurance that despite all signs of upheaval in the white house everything was running tremendously smoothly,”big league” even.

If one were to count the numerous adjectives that betrayed his insecurity, they might recognize the overwhelming drive to sell rather than garner support. Just as Marco Rubio once said during the campaign: “If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan.” 

What we saw was televised on February 16th was more akin to the unprepared promises of a door to door vacuum salesman rather than a speech from a seasoned civil servant. At one point he even seemed to take offense to being called a politician.



In fact, he even expressed a caustic reassurance that his words would inevitably be written up as nothing more than ranting and raving. With such a promise how can any media outlet expect to be taken seriously besides those that back him?

The bizarre show was a perfect allegory for the new turn our capitalist I mean oligarchical nation seems to have taken. We witnessed our own president swallow himself whole. He repeated botched facts and slipped into outright lies in some desperately unnecessary defense strategy. Trump’s refusal to take any responsibility whatsoever or even acknowledge the turmoil his presidency has caused was once again glazed over with terms like “tremendous”,  “big league”, and promises to “drain the swamp”, whatever that means.

Regardless of party politics, every president is going to have all eyes on them for their entire term, especially the first few weeks in office. Judgment and parody are simply par for the course. While Donald Trump himself said he was fine with the media’s critiques; his persistence in labeling some questions as “nice” and others as “nasty” from reporters leads one to think otherwise.

“Past presidents typically didn’t make time to watch their press secretary’s daily briefings with reporters, but Trump appears to have made it part of his routine. “Saturday Night Live’s” weekly skewering of his administration is similarly on his must-watch list ― with his reaction ranging from unamused to seething.” 

 As he continued to feign that criticism didn’t hurt his feelings, dodge all questions on Russia, and the threat to national security Michael Flynn posed, he seemed eerily dead set on the media as the target.
Social media is reacting appropriately - Via @ohduarte on Instagram

Social media is reacting appropriately – Via @ohduarte on Instagram

“Russia is fake news.” The president repeated again and again before an unprompted and eerie promise that he knows how unpleasant a nuclear holocaust would be.”

He rambled, “How many times do I have to answer this question? Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with Russia. Haven’t made a phone call to Russia in years.” A statement we know is not true due to press releases that his inauguration calls to other countries including Putin had gone smoothly.  As “smoothly” as I suppose he swears his travel ban went. “We had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban; we had a bad court.” He promised as if unaware that millions of American’s had not swarmed airports in protest.

By a “bad court” he’s referring to the judicial system we put in place to make sure checks and balances are in order to protect us from the haphazard orders of a tyranny.

Via - Pinterest

Via – Pinterest

Again, the American public’s questions were answered with finger pointing and no distinct planning. He was being attacked by the democrats, the press, and at one point Hillary Clinton, which even the press seemed desperate to cut off. As you continuously remind us yourself Mr. President, you already won. Why beat a dead horse when there’s so much fresh meat all around you?

The bizarre press conference left everyone with far more questions than answers. Apparently, we can’t trust any media except Fox news and even then, we should double check with the president himself.

He asked Michael Flynn to resign but he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

The media is out to get him and so is everybody else, but we should have faith in him on his word alone. He promised jobs like Walmart or coal but said nothing about education. He swore to bring factory jobs home; jobs that were originally sent abroad precisely because no one wanted to work in those conditions for those wages here anyway. He used his catchphrases and talked to the media like they were evil henchmen sent to take him down rather than channels to bring forth the questions of the people.

The entire conference felt like one giant, desperate plea to get the American public to believe with blind faith that he was the only one left to trust. He had saved us from some “huge mess (he) inherited” and not a country on the rise.  “I’m not ranting and raving. I’m just telling you you’re dishonest people”,  he repeated at the reporters until finally growing tired of their use of questions over compliments, he shouted

“I want to find a friendly reporter!”

Yes Mister President, the media will be scathing today. You are right. But it’s your job as a president to handle that criticism with dignity and grace, not the same “angry tone” you accuse the free press of having. After all, I’m just writing a blog. You’re the one leading the free world.

You're not alone Marissa

You’re not alone Marissa – Via @MarissaARoss

Click here to read a  full transcript of the press conference.

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