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Saison chef says “fuck it,” and opens a hamburger shop on highway one

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I was about to order the Dad’s Luncheonette hamburger sandwich without the lettuce. I hate red leaf lettuce on burgers, only romaine and iceberg can withstand the weight and heat of hamburgers. I was about to order the hamburger sandwich without the egg. Seriously, are we still using the egg? It’s overkill. Then I came here today and ordered the hamburger sandwich with the egg and the lettuce. Holy fuck.

$12 | Grass-fed beef patty, with that crusty exterior that many seem to fail in executing, that tastes of nothing but beef. It’s a clean flavor and the beef has very little fat, which is where the luscious and bright marigold egg yolk lends its assistance. And that yolk did lend. It draped and encased the beef patty like a shield. It lended its deliciousness all over my face, hand and eventually…shirt. And if saying that bread is necessary because, it’s delicious buttered bread, let’s also say that it’s also necessary for textural purposes. When you bite into the hamburger it’s rich, beefy, creamy, bright from the pickled onions and crunchy from the bread.

The potato chips are good, the herb salad is good (but an acquired taste). I took one bite of the fucking matcha miso blondie thing and hid it in my pocket. When my spouse asked where it had gone, I said I ate it all. Then when he went to bed, I carefully unwrapped it and shoved the whole thing in my mouth. It was too delicious to share.


Scott Clark was the head chef at Saison for three-years. The whole essence of this location is all about feeling the vibes of Scott on his new journey. It’s a laid back, low key, and simple coastal location. Scott is a laid back, low key and simple dude that calls you, “dude.” He’s living the dream. And either you get it, or you don’t. And if you don’t, that’s okay. But, don’t come on here talking about how you’ve worked in the industry for so many years and then get pissed about something trivial when you had the audacity to order a hamburger without the bread. Like, what? Sit down.

Ample parking in private lot. Public bathroom available nearby. Only a dozen seats. But, seats comfortable for gordas.


Dad’s Luncheonette
225 Cabrillo Hwy S
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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