Working Class Trump Supporters are Being Thrown Under the Bus

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Message to working class Trump Supporters:

Republicans do not care about you.

Trump and his fellow Republicans use lies, anti-abortion, gun control, religion, racism, xenophobia, hate, misogyny, homophobia, “Making America Great Again” as just a way of getting your votes. To them all that matters is winning with no regard to truth, facts, honesty, or integrity.

Cartoon by Dave Granlund
You will be thrown under the bus with inferior more expensive health care, more “Ripoffs” by Wall Street and corporate America, contamination of the environment which will give your families more cancer and asthma, and your rights as a laboring class will be further eroded. Your purchasing power is being eroded by increasing government debt that is being primarily fueled by wasteful unnecessary military spending and egregious tax breaks for the wealthy. Trump and his wealthy friends do not need any more mega yachts with gold plate toilet seats. All Americans deserve to be treated civilly, fairly, have a clean environment, and universal health care.

The Salt Lake Tribune Pat Bagley cartoon for Oct. 13, 2016.The Salt Lake Tribune. Pat Bagley cartoon for Oct. 13, 2016.

America out of 38 developed nations is the only one without universal healthcare; that is immoral and heartless based on the fact that we are the wealthiest nation on earth.
It’s time to stop being taken in by lying politicians and start examining their track records. Trump has a long history of deceit, lies, corruption, and cheating people. How could anyone be gullible enough to trust anything he has ever said.

Ed y

Cartoon by Ed Yevlev


Unfortunately, you and many other Americans will be paying a heavy price for the actions of these evil Republicans.  Bernie Sanders was the best choice, but America has an issue with the label “Democratic Socialist”.

Trumpenstein © John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

Trumpenstein © John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri


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Harvey Rifkin

Harvey Rifkin

Harvey is a semi-retired businessman and S.F. Bay Area native. His major interests are human and civil rights, as well as geo-economic and political topics. One of his major passions is exposing government and corporate corruption, greed, and provable conspiracies such as "9/11", The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, etc. He has been published through the years in the Benicia-Herald and Vallejo Times-Herald.