Public Art Tour in San Francisco SOMA

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jennysharaf@public_art_tour launches next week on March 30th

@public_art_tour launches next week on March 30th.  image @jennysharaf

The Public Art Tour is launching next week, that means music, drinks, performance art, and an artist lead tour of the dope public art around Rincon Hill (SOMA).  There’s a surprising amount of great sculpture in that area of the city, carved into the courtyards, entryways, and byways of the high-rises.

SF artist and curator Jenny Sharaf tells us there are going to be live performance artists along with Fort Point Beer, Town Hall food, and the art gazing expertise of Kap Spelletich & Chris Johanson.

“Public Art Tour will have both online and real life components to engage public audiences. There will also be a series of commissioned projects by leading contemporary artists to interpret and collaborate with the highlighted art.”

MARCH 30TH. 5-7:30PM.

  • • Alternative Public Art Walking Tour by Chris Johanson and Kal Spelletich (audio and video)
  • Et al. / Et al. etc gallery essay and editorial featuring Paul Kos, including a live tour
  • • IRL Jenny Odell Walking Tour and Virtual Online Experience
  • • Officially Unofficial Public Art Tour and Music Playlist with Scott Vermeire
  • • Digital Tour with Laura Hyunjhee Kim
  • • Robotics and mechanics demonstrations by artist and inventor Kal Spelletich
  • • Curated playlists by Public Art Tour Artists
  • • Local craft beer by FORT POINT BEER
  • • Special menu items from TOWN HALL on the PATIO

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