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Craziest Stories About Doing Psychedelics in the Bay Area

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Every now and again we ask YOU our fine readers a question on facebook. Sometimes its about your Worst Public Transit Stories, sometimes its about the Weirdest Places You’ve Had Sex, the responses we get are amazing, we are lucky to have such a creative and hilarious readership.

This question was specifically about doing psychedelics, namely we asked: “What’s your craziest story about doing psychedelics?”.  Here are some of our favorite responses:


Dramatic recreation

M.K. –  Well, there was the time I took acid by myself on a hot day – then decided to masturbate.
All. Day. Long.
The next day, when I woke up for work, I could barely move: I’d thrown out my back.
It was out for a few weeks, but only a few specific people ever knew how it happened…

Shaun O – I was 16 and seeing the industrial band Babyland (rip) at the Berkeley Square (also rip). The first hit didn’t kick in fast enough, so I took another before they took the stage. Midway through their set, I was convinced that the fire and sparks shooting out from their gear were bubbles and not fire that could injure me. Without hesitation, I jumped towards the danger and shook my head into the sparks. My hair was in dreads (hey, it was the 90s) and they lit up super fast. As did my eyebrows. A very nice goth woman took off her leather jacket and quickly wrapped it around my head, putting out the flames. It was then that I was certain she was my mother and that I needed her to protect me for the rest of the night. She caught on and quickly lost me.
As did my friends. They thought I’d left. Or maybe they didn’t want to drive me home now that I smelled like burnt hair. So, I walked back home to Oakland, on two hits of acid, convinced that my shadow was actually a guy named Doug who was there to guide me back home.

dreadlock fire

Kathy G – Well, let’s see–I did freeze dried mushrooms in a McDonald’s chocolate shake and wen to a Men At Work concert in Boulder Colorado 🙂 DUUUUDE the colors 🙂 Everybody shimmered and had visible auras 🙂 Then, one time< I did peyote and watched my husband turn into a werewolf <3 I know, no difference, right?

Men at Work

Men at Work

Darling D. – Me an four friends split a half oz of mushroom in a cabin in Murphys, CA. Did not expect to trip so hard but we started late and were still on one when the sun came up. We thought our friends were getting eaten by wolves when they went out the front door to look at the stars and that there was a pit to Hell in the floor (a den down stairs that had red neon lights turned on). The only thing we can figure is the low oxygen levels from being in the mountains must have contributed because we tripped balls for hours on next to nothing.

Dennis O –  Went to see Ozric Tentacles with the fruit salad light show. If you are familiar with the group’s music, no more need be said.

orzic chem

Ozric Tentacles


Anthony K This is the one I remember :

anthony k

Image: Anthony K

Bryce W – I did a whole bunch of shrooms, woke up and Trump was president.

trump clown

Mike T – “What’s your craziest story about doing psychedelics?” That I’ve lived in SF for 30 years and never did them. I know “crazy” right? LOL

summer of love

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