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Characters of Cannabis Culture

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52% of adults in the US have tried marijuana, 56% of millennials, 83% support legalizing for medical treatment, 49% support legalization for recreational, and 56% think weed is socially acceptable. Who are these people? With tomorrow being 4/20, let’s take a look at the most prominent characters in cannabis culture.

cannabisStoners – We all know them. Bewilderingly inquisitive with a high sense of ingenuity, but they always have to be high for the sake of being high. Carefree if they have their weed and can turn anything into a bong.

cannabisAdvocates (Expert) – That one guy who has never given up on weed and has fought the good fight for your cannabis rights. Most of these guys remember… well, most of these guys were around when a dime bag was a dime and now some of them even have their own line of strains. Think of  Woody Harrelson (until about a month ago), Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong.

cannabisCaregivers – True caregivers truly care about their patients. They take the time to understand why you need medical marijuana and how they can help you. Plus who doesn’t like making a little green for philanthropy, and money too!

cannabisPatients – Many patients wanted a way to be able to take care of what pains them but not rely on addicting, and sometimes expensive, chemical-filled drugs. If a few tokes can help out with a headache or back pain, without killing your liver, or you can finally rest without getting addicted to sleeping pills, then enjoy that joint for all its ganja glory. From Crohn’s to cancer to ADHD to anxiety, they will smoke it, sip it, swallow it, and insert it (yes bud for your butt, a la sativa suppository) if they have to.

Recreational Users – Not a stoner, not a patient, and rarely an advocate, they just like to get high sometimes. Usually, they are second in line to celebrate 420 right after real potheads. They’re the, “I’ve got five on it”, guys.


Dealers – You want this guy to be your teacher and your friend. If your supplier still does back alley deals, you need to step out of 1994. Basically, if you don’t feel the best bud vibe from your weed guy, product and customer service, it’s time to look elsewhere.

cannabisBudtenders – Usually a cute girl at the counter at the dispensary. She somehow has tried, grown, and made everything in the place and has had an ailment relieved by everything she shows you. Then again who cares, it’s an attractive woman who loves weed.

No matter what category you fall into, there’s never anything wrong with medicating or rollin’ (joints) with the homies, when it comes to enjoying Mother Nature’s favorite plant.


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Curtis Schabath

Curtis Schabath

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