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Dope Music Video By San Francisco Artists

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Bay Area’s indie pop band, the Tambo Rays, just released their new stop motion video for their single “Get It Right Now,” and it’s pretty trippy. The video first premiered on SF Weekly and has now been released online via OIM Records.
The video features stop motion animation by San Francisco animators, Shayna Yasuhara and Joshua Herbolsheimer. It’s a psychedelic mix of paper cutout techniques, claymation, and still photos. All swirled in with live video from the band and beyond.

The technicolor visuals, femme vocals and acid-trip clips, all alongside traditional stop motion, serve as a nod to the likes of Bjork, the Cardigans and the older generation of ’90s MTV music videos and bumpers. Now those were the good ol’ days.

Shayna Yasuhara, Instagram: @shaynaface /// (

Joshua Herbolsheimer, Instagram: @jjoshuajh /// (

Additional video credits:
Video Production and editing by Sara DaMert (
Additional photography and video by Brian DaMert (
Debut EP on OIM Records coming Summer 2017


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