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The Secret Sex Lives Of Flight Crew

Updated: Sep 03, 2019 19:22
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Flight attendants like to party. Maybe it’s because we live such lives of leisure, or maybe it’s the stress from working in customer service. Whatever it may be, we can tend to feel like we are on vacation on our overnight layovers. This is when things get weird, because what do people like to do on vacation? Drink, and get laid. There are secret second lives many aircrew members live, and the rest of us get to see it unfold, and I’m here to dish.

This may be surprising to some, but not all of us have a fuck buddy in every city. Many flight attendants, and pilots do enjoy the access of nearby booty options with Tinder, or Bumble. Some crew members though bust out the old wallet, and pay for their entertainment.

“I ordered take-out last night.” a coworker once told me. “Cool. Chinese?” “No I ordered TAKE-OUT.” apparently this meant he ordered a male prostitute on an international overnight. This is common, but also there have been discussions through the grapevine of flight attendants BEING the prostitutes. There was a rumor that crew going to Australia, would leave door hinges open in their hotel rooms, so their gentleman callers would know they reached the right room. I heard there were busts from their companies at that location, as well as parts of Africa, probably due to hotel complaints.

sex lives flight crew

One headline that made news years ago, was when a flight attendant in Mexico, had ordered a male hooker that ended up robbing, and murdering him in his hotel room. The second lives aspect can be very scary, makes you think twice about how well you know anyone. You could be married to someone, who’s bringing new forms of STI’s back from Thailand, into your bed.

Affairs are also common, being away from families could possibly make people feel as though they can get away with it. Not always the case. Apparently years ago a male flight attendant would work his usual routes to South America. Back at his base in the states, he had a wife, as well as children, but in Rio he enjoyed underage boy prostitutes. One layover he was caught in the act, in the hotel pool. Not only was he arrested, but the airline he worked for found out, and thus his family heard the horrific news. The flight attendant returned home, with his secrets exposed, and sadly took his own life.

There was a captain I worked with once, who got so drunk at a bar in South Korea, he went on and on about his mistress to the flight attendants sitting at his table. He showed us pictures of her. She was beautiful, graceful, and young, while he was fat, old, and sweaty. He had bought her an apartment, and thought he was invincible. I heard a few years later his wife found out, and took a flight to Seoul, confronted this girl, and saw all the luxuries her loser husband had provided for the other woman.

There is an urban legend about a particular pilot who was quite the charming ladies man to his flight attendants. He supposedly dated one girl who fell madly in love. She had a feeling he was seeing other flight attendants, and decided to follow him on his routes, to catch him with someone else. She eventually did, and to make her point, she hanged herself over the staircase that was set in the middle of the hotel lobby bar, so he and his lover saw the whole thing while having their drinks. Every time I stay at this particular hotel, I always get a chill looking at the staircase, it’s extremely haunting.

One of my best layovers was in Guam. I was lounging on the beach alone, when a man invited me to hike the jungle with him. I went without question. I felt a friendship bond with this local right away, even though many people would argue this as being naive. It was the best decision I could have made. He ended up being one of the friendliest, and wealthiest people on the island. His driver ended up taking us around the whole perimeter it seemed. We had dinner at a ranch house, with a water buffalo in the front yard. Later he showed me his mansion, that included a collection of celebrity memorabilia, in addition to a couple of cars once belonging to Johnny Cash.

These are fond memories I will cherish forever, all because I went to Guam with a short amount of time to find an adventure, and I hit the ground running. The people I have met while on the job, have made such impacts on my life, whether they realize that, or not. It’s a very special feeling.

Of course most of my crew member friends actually have fun, and we have the best nights of our lives on layovers. It’s a chance to have a beautiful hotel paid for, with no real responsibility, except to be at the airport sober, and on time. Some of us experience a Cinderella type story, knowing we leave this city in 24 hours, so we make the best of it with the male model we met at the bar. Some need to spend the money for company, to conceal the loneliness of the job. Some just slam shut their hotel room doors, and sleep the entire overnight. To each their own, but I can confirm, there’s never a dull moment, even if it’s just listening about your flying partner’s night.

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