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Drag Queen Face Painting for Kids! Artist Street Party in SF

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There’s a big, artsy, street party happening in the alleyways and tunnels South Of MArket, starting Saturday May 20th and running through June 6th.

Créme Fatale will do your makeup!

On Natoma, Minna, and 5th St. there will be live dance performances, communal mural projects, circus performances, jazz shows, FREE art classes, and probably our favorite thing that exists right now:  Drag Queen Face Painting for Kids!  Where amazing drag queens like Créme Fatale will give your child a makeover FOR FREE.  It’s part of the queer arts organization Bring Your Own Queer (BYOQ) program.  Oh and don’t worry, we’re sure adults are welcome too.

Strider Patton’s massive mural will be painted all during the festival

4 different stages of programming, concerts from Alphabet Rockers, amazing jazz music from Jazz in the Neighborhood, food, music and art classes for children & adults, live art everywhere, Common Grounds seeks to “promote cultural consumption to children at an early age and create the next art lovers and appreciators of the future.”  If you want to begin or continue your kids arts and culture education or if you just like artsy street festivals check it out:

Full schedule of the Common Grounds Art Festival May 20th – June 6th

FREE programming curated and presented by Intersection for the Arts

Alphabet Rockers, hip hop concert for children

“promote cultural consumption to children at an early age and create the next art lovers and appreciators of the future.”
–  Common Grounds Art Festival

Live, ongoing mural project

“We bring Bay Area jazz innovators and developing players together to share the joy of improvised music and build community around live performances.”
– Jazz in the Neighborhood

BoomShake Music: Children’s Drumming Workshops

“Glass Eye Shadow Pictures creates immersive, cinematic shadow performances that are like watching a live film bloom before your eyes.”
– The Common Grounds Shadow Tunnel

The Common Grounds Shadow Tunnel

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