Men’s Guide on What to Wear to a Job Interview

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When you’re on the hunt for a new job, your wardrobe can suddenly seem a mess. If you don’t have a stitch of professional clothing in your closet, it’s time to hit up the local Macy’s or Nordstrom for some sophisticated clothing. Here’s your definitive guide to looking like a true gentleman in your job interview.

A Crisp Ironed Button-Down Shirt

You should always have a collection of button-down dress shirts in your wardrobe. Start with a couple white shirts that you can wear anywhere anytime. Don’t know what to wear? A white button-down can go from the office to the cocktail hour no problem. Before you go to the interview, make sure your shirt is ironed. Keep your shirt wrinkle-free by keeping it on a hanger instead of leaving it bunched-up on the ground. Last but not least, always wear an undershirt.

A Sport Jacket

A suit or sports jacket is essential to completing the professional look. Jackets are surprisingly versatile; pair it with a tie for a classy look, or go without a tie and leave the top button unbuttoned for a laidback vibe. The suit jacket must fit perfectly to your body. Get your measurements taken to get the most comfortable fit. Never buy a jacket that is tight in the shoulders or pulls your sleeves too high above the wrist when you move. Finally, be sure you can button it without excess pull while standing.


A Tie

A tie is a man’s best accessory. It’s an excellent way to bring personality to an otherwise plain and versatile suit. Feel free to buy several ties that compliment your complexion and eyes. Try patterns, stripes and even bow ties to express yourself and pull your outfit together.

Dress Shoes

The shoes make the man. Fine leather loafers show you mean business. If you’re a first timer, a simple pair of brown leather loafers will do. No matter which pair of leather loafers you choose, always make sure they are cleaned and shined. Keep your look polished with shiny shoes. If you think they don’t get noticed, think again; scuffed shoes make you look unkempt.

Business Socks

Many newbies misunderstand the importance of socks. Think your socks don’t get noticed? Just wait until you sit down and your pants ride up. Those dirty gym socks will make your whole look fall apart. For starters, get a pair of neutral argyle socks to go with almost any combination. To show some character, get a colorful pair that fits your color palette. Socks can be fun; because they’re partially hidden, they’ll catch the eye when seen.

A Nice Watch

Watches are a classic go-to you can wear to and after work. If you don’t have one, get one now; no smartphone will ever replace the classic style of a wrist watch. Whether you prefer digital or analog, a watch always come in handy. Go for a metal wristband or find nice leather watches for men. Watches pull together any outfit and a classic watch will last you years, making for a worthy fashion investment.

A Clean Shave

Whether you prefer a clean shave, a five o’clock shadow or a full beard, do yourself a favor and keep it trimmed. Today, the modern man can sport any facial hair variation, but a messy beard will not woo the person interviewing you. If you have a long, scraggly unwashed beard, your interviewer might get too distracted by this morning’s toast crumb that’s lodged its way into your mustache. Keep your beard trimmed and clean, or give yourself a close shave. Either way, a crisp clean look will set you apart.

Going to an interview can be nerve racking, but you can be confident if you go in looking your best. Invest in a basic set of dress clothes so that you can dress to impress at your next interview.

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