6 Tips for Open House Success

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When it comes to buying a home, first impressions are key. Today, most homebuyers are millennials between the ages of 22 to 35, and what they look for in a home is completely different than generations past. That means that if your home hasn’t left 1985, it’s time for a change. If you want to get the best offer for your home, you need to put in a little grunt work. If you’re into DIY and you’re handy with a hammer, many of these renovations are possible to do on your own. However if you don’t have the expertise, you may want to reach out for the help of a professional. If you want to wow buyers at the open house, here are 6 tips for open house success.

Knock Out Some Walls

Millennial prospective homeowners are much more sensible than buyers of the past, and this means they want more bang for their buck. Buyers may settle for smaller homes, but they want it to look as open as possible. Open floor plans are the biggest appeal in today’s market for this reason Gone are the days of closed kitchens and sectional walls. Besides bedrooms and bathrooms, any extraneous walls should be knocked out. One easy trick is to knock out hanging cabinets in the kitchen. This opens up the floor plan and makes the kitchen a part of the communal space with the living room. Voila! The space looks bigger than it did before.

Slap On Some New Paint

A new paint job is standard whenever a home goes on the market, but which colors should you go for? Give your drab walls a splash of color that makes the room standout. But don’t grab the orange paint swatches just yet—subtlety is key. Paint is the single most effective and simple option to transform the mood of the home. Instead of stark white or beige, you can go bold with light greys and blues. Neutral yet unexpected tones give your home a modern feel without feeling too loud. For the best tips, visit your local paint expert at Home Depot.

Replace Old Flooring

Shag carpet is a thing of the past. Exposed wood flooring is now one of the latest trends in home design. As a mixture of industrial chic and rustic romance, wood floors make a space feel warm and inviting. Can’t afford wood flooring? Opt for wood laminate. This isn’t the laminate flooring of your childhood–it’s completely refined. Laminate wood comes in different shades and wood varieties, and comes complete with natural feeling grooves. Ditch the dirty carpet and go for this no-fuss alternative.

Renovate the Kitchen

Kitchens are a major selling point in any home, so this is the area in which you should make the biggest splurge. Consider installing a marble or faux marble countertop to give it a sophisticated finish. Invest in one or two top-price items and make the rest cost-effective. For instance, a white backsplash with copper appliances will modernize the space with relative ease. Some kitchens require costly remodeling, so prepare to put in good money to make the kitchen attractive to buyers. If you’re flipping a home, this may be your biggest investment yet. Investigate the best financing options for home renovations in your area, such as hard money loan rates in Los Angeles, to get the best deal for quick turnaround.

Increase Curb Appeal

When prospective buyers approach your home, they might just roll past when they see an unkempt yard. Make curb appeal simple with an energy-conscious yard. For best results, plant flowers that thrive in your environment and are easily maintained. If you live in a dry climate, consider xeriscaping as an alternative. Xeriscape companies offer environmentally-friendly solutions that beautify your lawn with respect to energy resources. You should also update details like porch lighting and porch steps to make the place look brand new.

Brighten Up the Place

Nobody wants to live in the dark. On the day of the open house, make sure you have plenty of lighting to brighten up the rooms. Emphasize the natural light that enters the home and position lamps to make the place look lighter. Strategic lighting makes a home look larger which makes it easier for people to visualize their own furniture in your property.

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate agent or you’re selling the property yourself, it’s key to know the best ways to show off your home. Follow these tips to get the best offers on your beautiful home.


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