7 Side Hustles to Start Making More Money

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Wishing your bank account had a few extra dollars? Let’s be real—we all do. When it comes to separating the financially comfortable and the penniless pocket, it almost always comes down to drive.

Even if you hold down a regular Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00 job, there are plenty of things you can be doing in your spare time to make more money. Some people pick up a side hustle not because they have to, but because they just want to stop dreaming about that distant vacation and actually make it a reality. Whatever your motivation may be—groceries or goals—here are some of the seven best side hustles to help you earn a little extra income.

  1. Create an Online Store

Turn an opportunity to downsize into a money-making venture; all that stuff that’s been collecting dust and sitting around for ages could become cold hard cash. Head over to websites like eBay or apps like OfferUp, take pictures of your unused electronics or unwanted items, and watch the bids start rolling in. Don’t have much to sell? Turn your passion into profit and sell your hand-made artisan crafts to customers on sites such as Etsy.

  1. Offer Freelance Services

More technical than creative? If you don’t have anything to make, you still have services to sell. Sites like Fiverr allow freelancers to offer a massive amount of services for $5 and upward. Browse through the job postings and you’ll find everything spanning from phoning someone to sing happy birthday, to advanced graphic design projects. Set up a profile and think of something to sell—all it takes is a bit of ingenuity.

  1. Rent Your Space

If it’s within your means, renting out your place to a temporary visitor is a great way to earn a lot of extra money in a short amount of time. Post your home or apartment up on Airbnb, set your terms and conditions, and couch surf with family or at a friend’s for a weekend once you receive a request. If you have place where you can crash for an extended period, consider subleasing your rental property for a month of more. Just remember to run a tenant credit check first to avoid leasing to a squatter who may not pay.

  1. Become a Driver

Driving on behalf of Lyft or Uber is an awesome way to earn income; in fact, this hustle is so popular, that many people do it as their full-time job. You’re your own boss, can set your own hours, and carry some control over who you do or don’t drive. If strangers in your car isn’t your cup of tea, you can always works as a delivery driver for companies such as PostMates and GrubHub. These gigs can easily be done in conjunction with your day job.

  1. Do Mystery Shopping

Would you like to make extra income, find new experiences, and make your opinion heard? If you checked yes to each of these boxes, then mystery shopping could be for you. Get a profile on a site like iSecretShop, which posts local mystery shop assignments that you can sign up to complete. Simply show up to the location of choice, follow the instructions, photograph your receipt, get reimbursed for your purchase, and voila! You’ll get paid to try new places—not a bad way to make money.

  1. Start a Blog

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but it is a way to grow a nest egg over time. If you dedicate yourself to delivering high-quality, valuable content, you can grow a web platform on WordPress or Wix that can eventually deliver a tremendous amount of passive income through affiliate marketing. You can easily do this by setting aside a few hours every week, but you’ll need to stay consistent and post regularly.

  1. Get a Part-Time Job

A part-time job may not be the sexiest side hustle, but it’s probably the most effective. Instead of spending your money at bars over the weekend, why don’t you make some cash by working at one instead? The industry is a lucrative way to make a killing in just a few hours; even if you have no experience, working as a hostess or food running is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Perform a simple search and you’ll encounter hundreds of money-making suggestions. See what works best for your lifestyle, then put your head down and start hustling!

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