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Should We Worry About Radiation from the New 5G Cellphone Antennas?

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Guest Post by Stan Banos 

You’ve probably seen them, but haven’t quite noticed them – I’m talking High Frequency 5G Micro Wave Antenna that are currently being installed all over San Francisco, from the downtown commercial district to residential neighborhoods all over the city. They’re primarily being installed by Verizon, who for the record state that they are actually 4G antennae. Unfortunately, they look exactly like the 5G versions that are currently being deployed throughout test cities in the US, and Verizon will no doubt make the switch to the future whenever they so desire. 5G will supposedly unleash the power and potential of the internet and beyond by utilizing the higher spectrum of the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) spectrum, but those waves cannot travel as far as the longer 4G waves. That is why they need to be deployed so much closer to where they are “needed,” and why they may, in fact, come to inhabit every other block throughout our land. Of course, telecommunication companies are not exactly in the habit of being fully transparent about their plans, they tend to talk in half truths.

So why exactly should we be at all concerned about these small cell antennae popping up directly outside our bedroom windows, particularly when we hardly notice them? If one could actually see radiation, say it gave off a visible red glow – we would all be instantly aware, and rightfully alarmed, of its presence. But radiation is not only invisible, it actually goes right through our apartment walls and windows unimpeded, and then penetrates our: skin, bones and organs – changing, mutating and permanently damaging the DNA within our cells forever.

Verizon assures us that it will take readings of the radiation put out by their antennae and that they will all most assuredly fall well within the “required safety limits.” What they don’t tell us is that their readings do not calculate anywhere near how much radiation we will be bathing in non stop, 24/7 – let alone the total radiation absorbed in an entire week, month or year on end….And let’s not forget that radiation damage to our cells is cumulative – permanent and cumulative!

The telecom companies are anxious to assure you that these new smaller “antennae” (doesn’t that sound less threatening than “tower,” everyone’s comfortable with an “antenna”) actually put out less radiation than their big tower brethren- and that much is true. What they conveniently leave out is that that is exactly why they need so many more of them, installed so much closer to you and me. But before we get ahead of ourselves…is there any actual scientific proof or data as to the danger posed by cell tower radiation?

Photo: © Stan Banos

In California telecom companies are (by law) not allowed to install cell phone towers of any kind near fire stations – this was after firefighters came down with a myriad of seriously debilitating health problems when stationed in close proximity to cell towers. Symptoms included: skin rashes, memory loss, fatigue, mood swings, headache, and confusion that led to basic inabilities to perform required tasks (eg- CPR). All firefighters reported severe memory loss and brain scans proved abnormal. And by nature of the settlement, no one involved is allowed to mention that this legal exemption was reached due to… health risks!

Although proponents will point out that these were not, in fact, 5G cell antennae that caused the aforementioned symptoms in firefighters, again – what they don’t tell us is that the new (and even less studied) 5G cell antenna will be adding to (not replacing) the 4G towers. In other words, we will not only continue to be bombarded with radiation from long range 4G towers, but we will also be subjected to shorter wave radiation, up close and personal. We’ll soon be perpetually bathed with electromagnetic radiation from both sides of the spectrum from every distance imaginable!

“Trust us,” said the tobacco companies, our product is safe – why would we lie? “Trust us,” said Big Pharma, our opioid derivatives are safe as the day is long – why, oh why, would we lie? And here come the telecoms singing (and getting away with) the same sad refrain; they have lobbied heavily and received approval on the state and federal level – and none of our city officials are standing up and taking a stand to (at the very least) ask for a study.

Electromagnetic radiation felled the strongest and healthiest among us- but it is absolutely legal to place 4G or 5G antenna next to homes with pregnant women and children! It only takes 1% of any given population to turn an issue of concern into an active movement that can enact substantive change. Please educate and involve yourselves on this issue, if only for the most selfish of reasons- your own physical and mental health and well being!

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  1. renew
    April 20, 2020 at 7:22 am

    Excellent op ed piece!