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SF Woman Jailed in Maui for not Quarantining After Arrival

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According to the Maui Police Department, 52-year-old Colleen Proppe traveled to Honolulu from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on November 7 and arrived on Maui the following day.  She was then arrested the following Saturday after not quarantining or completing the mandatory health form before entering the state.

Hawaii is very clear to travelers, that they must either quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival, or produce a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure.  This is because Hawaii does not have the robust Critical Care resources to handle a pandemic outbreak on every island, especially in places like Maui where ICU beds were already at 90% capacity in September.  A large COVID outbreak on an island like Maui would quickly overwhelm the system, so all travelers need to follow safety protocols, and submit negative test results to the government before roaming free on an island.

Collen Proppe, a San Francisco Salesforce contractor, was arrested by Maui PD last Saturday, for not following any of their COVID safety protocols, police found her quite easily based on all her social media posts around the island, in between salesforce marketing retweets of course.

Police said she did not have an exemption to the state’s 14-day quarantine requirement and failed to complete the mandatory health form. She also allegedly did not check into the lodging location where she was supposed to quarantine.

There is a special kind of irony for someone ‘moving’ to Hawaii, claiming to be a ‘sustainability student’, while not following pandemic guidelines themselves.  Potentially spreading a deadly virus from the mainland is not sustainable.  Although it is entirely possible that Maui Police have made a mistake, after all, Proppe hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, only charged.  She is currently in custody on $6,000 bail, and at her initial court appearance by videoconference she pleaded ‘not guilty’ and requested a jury trial.

Maybe she submitted all the forms online, but there was clerical error?  Or maybe she simply didn’t know about the pre-flight screening or mandatory quarantine?

Proppe has been charged for violating emergency Rules and Orders and Unsworn Falsification to Authorities. “Please remember, even in paradise, there is Covid-19,” Maui Police said in a statement.  There are no exceptions.   If you do want to go to Hawaii anytime soon, visit their travel site and follow the rules:

It’s a tough situation for Hawaii, whose economy is so dependent on tourism.  On one hand the airlines, resorts, and service industry need the business, on the other hand the health officials need to maintain safety.

You will then have to register with the Hawaii government before visiting, and submit a negative COVID test results to them for confirmation, upon arriving in Hawaii, otherwise you will have to quarantine for 14 days:

Both San Francisco and Oakland airports are offering preflight rapid COVID-19 testing for travelers to Hawaii.


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