Venture Capitalist Actually Says ‘VC Lives Matter’ In Chesa Boudin Interview

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It is a terrible idea to co-opt the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and alter it into some other form of ironic or unironic phraseology. This is particularly true if you are an astonishingly wealthy white person millionaire, and arguing with a straight face that astonishingly wealthy white person millionaires are the real disenfranchised ones in various societal struggles. Yet this is exactly what happened in a Mother Jones feature article on the Chesa Boudin recall effort that was just published today, wherein venture capitalist Ellie Cachette actually said in her interview, “VC lives matter.”

Cachette is one of the venture capitalists who wants to see Boudin recalled, and her full quote to Mother Jones is as follows: 

“In San Francisco, VC lives matter. We’re the ones employing people, bringing business, buying properties, you know, paying property taxes,” Cachette said. “And what are we getting in return? Nothing.” 

Funny how she says “In San Francisco” and “We’re the ones employing people,” considering that Ellie Cachette lives 3,100 miles away in Miami Beach. Yet she has also donated to the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign, and per Mother Jones, she would like to oust “other San Francisco officials.”

Ellie Cachette is by no means the most active venture capitalist in the campaign to recall Chesa Boudin. While she is staggeringly successful, none of her ventures are really household names. She founded a now-defunct website called ConsumerBell, peddled in startup investment advice, and now runs a large venture capital firm that has not always received good publicity

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None of this is actually relevant, and frankly, neither are the thoughts of a resident of Miami Beach, Florida. And as we pointed out when Chesa Boudin went on 60 Minutes this week, crime is generally down, not up, under Boudin’s tenure. 



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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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