John Oliver Takes On SF Board Of Supervisors Meetings In Latest Segment

Updated: May 26, 2021 08:03
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Image: HBO

San Francisco gets slammed by cable news outlets on an extremely frequent basis, so it’s no surprise that this happened again Sunday night. But this time it was the extremely clever HBO parody news show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver doing the slamming, so of course we are going to be down with whatever derogatory and disparaging hilarity with which John Oliver would be roasting our city.

The one-minute, 15-second segment is entitled “San Francisco’s City Council Meetings’ Public Comments Are a Joy to Behold,” and is seen below.

The segment kicks off with our esteemed clerk of the SF Board of Supervisors Angela Cavillo, then shows a flurry of the weirdest, strangest public comments uttered at our BoS meetings going back to like 2007.

“What I see here are a number of representatives who worship Lucifer!,” shouts one public commenter. Another tells the Board, “Tobacco is great at getting bedbugs away from your bed. People don’t realize that.”

You can watch the entire brand new 31-minute episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver above. The “San Francisco’s City Council Meetings’ Public Comments Are a Joy to Behold” segment comes at the 9:26 mark, has nothing to do with the rest of the show, and is just a canned minute-plus-long transition sketch from one segment to another, and a bit that John Oliver himself probably had absolutely nothing to do with producing.

But hey, since we’re in a razzing mood, John Oliver, IT’S CALLED A “BOARD OF SUPERVISORS,” NOT A “CITY COUNCIL” you bespectacled dork-ass British Jon Stewart-wannabe who failed as a Smurf movie voiceover artist!

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