12 Apr 2011

Broke-Ass Etiquette: Smelly Friends

Got a question about how to be a polite Broke-Ass? Email Half-Price Headliner with your queries and get schooled on how to be proper-like. Q: One of my best friends smells hella bad, almost all the time.  Can I say something or help in some way that won’t be flat

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23 Nov 2010

What’s a Vegan to Do on Thanksgiving?

This is kind of like my What’s a Jew to Do on Christmas? post from last year, only for vegans and Thanksgiving. Here are some options and tips: FREE Vegan Thanksgiving at Café Gratitude. Ok. FREE things are great, Thanksgiving is great, and vegan food is great (go ahead, leave nasty comments

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27 Oct 2010

Hear Some Terrifying Stories at Muni Diaires Live This Friday

It’s the week before Halloween, which means things just start to seem a little spookier than usual around San Francisco, and there’s nothing more terrifying in Fog Town’s collective subconscious than our city’s evil transit agency. That means it’s perfect timing for Muni Diaries to throw another Muni Diaries Live!

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21 Oct 2010

Broke-Ass of the Week – Crispin McCabe

Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human spirit…probably not.

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31 Aug 2010

The Hoodstock Music Festival in Oakland This Weekend

Hoodstock Music Festival lands in Oakland this weekend. There’s been a lot of buildup for this event with hush-hush venues, stay-tuned-for headliners, and a recently announced third day event called “Acoustic Hangover Relief” (hangover cures built right into the festival!). Check out the Facebook invite for more info and the

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50% off New Glasses + Free Shipping!

We wrote about the 6 rad reasons why shopping for glasses on GlassesUSA.com will change the way you buy glasses forever. You can read about that here. But here's the important part: YOU GET 50% OFF + free shipping on your first pair of frames. Click to find out more!

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
30 Aug 2010

50% off at Farmer Brown!!

Aw shit!  It’s time for yet another Broke Buck.  This time it’s the amazing Farmer Brown.  These things will move fast (Little Star sold out in 4 hours), so click here to get yours before the deal sells out.  Otherwise read all about it below: Let’s just say Jay Foster

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08 Aug 2010

Sunday Surf Benefit for SurfriderSF

Oceans are beautiful, full of big animals that want to eat you, and you should never ever turn your back on them. Show your support for two-thirds of the earth’s surface at the Sunday Surf Benefit for SurfriderSF hosted by Surfpulse. FREE admission, FREE Yolanda’s famous chicken and veggie/cheese enchiladas,

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28 Jun 2010

Hapa Ramen Pop-Up Ramen House

I just found this on yelp and and it sounds like something you weird lovers of pop-ups and street food would dig.  As you can tell by this information that I’m about to paste below, it’s only gonna be at this location for one night.  Now’s the part when I

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