29 Jan 2021

D.A. Boudin Announces New Program to Connect Residents with Prosecutors

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin on Thursday said a new Community Liaisons program being launched by his office will help create dialogue and strengthen ties between city residents and prosecutors. Under the program, teams made up of District Attorney’s Office staff members will be assigned to each of the

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29 Jan 2021

When Anarchist Punks Become Nazis

Racist punks are supposed to look a certain way. They wear boots and braces. They shave their heads. They live in other cities. In other scenes. In other decades. Except sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they’re in your band. In the aftermath of the capitol insurrection, concerned citizens have started identifying

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28 Jan 2021

What San Franciscans Want in Their New Monuments: A Report

The New Monuments Taskforce was asked to study San Francisco’s 87 public monuments, and what do with them.  The project mapped out where all our monuments and asked the public everything from ‘what monuments (if any) should be removed’, to ‘what should a monument be?’ The taskforce is led by

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22 Jan 2021

With All This Empty Commercial Space, Maybe it’s Time to Start Squatting

With the money running out and the uncertainty of the eviction moratoriums, I’m sure many San Francisco renters are wondering where they will go when it all comes crashing down. Those with a good grasp of history will find inspiration from the past, and in San Francisco, that past is

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Bernie Sanders Mittens Shirt
21 Jan 2021

The Bernie Sanders Mittens Shirt is Here

Yes indeed, the Bernie Sanders Mittens Shirt is here! By now I’m sure you saw all the incredible memes of Bernie Sanders sitting in different places. In fact we collected the best of them and put them all right here. Well now you can have Bernie sitting with you everywhere you

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19 Jan 2021

The 1st Social & Economic Justice Film Festival Debuts This Weekend

Welcomes are in order for the newest film festival to make its San Francisco Bay Area debut.  January 23-24, 2021 will see the premiere of the first Social and Economic Justice Film Festival. It will offer a mix of short and feature films from such countries as the US, India,

12 Jan 2021

Carroll Fife Cuts Her Oakland City Council Teeth With Encampment Amendment Issue

Oakland City Council will meet Tuesday afternoon to discuss a number of agenda items. Among items to be considered are some simple extensions of emergency declarations, a proposal to lease land near the Chabot Space & Science Center for use by the school district and clarification of the city’s regulations

08 Jan 2021

Believe New York’s Winter Clothes Drive is Happening Now

Winter in NYC can be brutal for those without shelter. Potential for blizzards and subzero temperatures are all too real for the nearly 80,000 individuals that are currently without homes in New York City alone. Believe New York is looking to clothe as many people as possible. Hot off their

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