12 Apr 2022

How Climate Change Affects The Bay Area

Written By Deborah In just a few short days, San Francisco has gone from the hottest weather we’ve seen in over a year to damp and rainy. While variety is the spice of life, this is a troubling sign of things to come. The early stages of climate change is

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07 Apr 2022

50+ Year Old Bar, Hawaii West, Being Evicted by New Building Owner

Word just came in from multiple sources that Hawaii West, a North Beach tiki dive bar with a great kitchen is being evicted by its new building owner. But YOU might be able to help save it! Read below: Bar owner Nolan Kellet, whose grandmother started the place in the 1960s,

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07 Apr 2022

San Francisco’s Trash Fighting Citizens

You may have seen Vincent Yuen in your news feed this year, or perhaps even on your street corner wearing a florescent vest.  He’s the engine behind San Francisco’s newest trash fighting organization Refuse Refuse SF. Their mission is simple, inspire San Francisco’s own citizens to help keep their neighborhoods

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07 Apr 2022

Awesome Outdoor Fun to Be Had During Climate Action Month

Let’s face it.  With all of the negative news headlines, the world has felt overwhelming lately. But there’s some good news, too!  It’s a well-known fact that taking action is good for our mental health, and just when we need it most, the City of San Francisco has made it

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05 Apr 2022

Why Is There So Much Poop In San Francisco?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but San Francisco’s political elite aren’t going to solve the housing crisis. The region is going to get worse. Even during the pandemic, when rents were falling, the situation on the street was escalating. I know there are people that associate

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04 Apr 2022

SF’s Redrawn District Lines Raising Alarms in LGBTQ Communities

*UPDATED: 12:50pm 4/4/2022 Edward Wright, President, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club informed us that, “the task force did reverse course over the weekend. On Saturday, after about 7 hours of public comment from 182 people, they voted 8-1 to move forward with a new draft map that keeps the TL

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31 Mar 2022


Two dozen individual consumers filed a massive lawsuit Monday in federal court in San Francisco alleging an antitrust conspiracy two years ago by big oil companies to curtail worldwide oil production in order to boost the price of gas. The defendants include Exxon Mobile Corporation, the world’s biggest oil company, Chevron Corporation, Phillips 66 Company, Occidental Petroleum, and a number of smaller oil companies.

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28 Mar 2022

How to Pronounce ‘Chesa Boudin’ Correctly

I’ve heard the San Francisco District Attorney’s name pronounced so many different ways in the press and in conversation that it’s hard to keep track of what the correct way to say his name is.  So we asked Mr. Boudin how it’s done. Here is how Chesa pronounces his own

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