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13 Sep 2010

Broke Ass Laundry: Don’t Dry Clean. Save Money.

Some comedian whose name I’ll probably be crucified for forgetting once said: “This shirt is dry-clean only.  That means it’s dirty.”  And we all laugh because, yeah!  Mine too! Everyone knows that dry cleaning is stupid expensive. For that reason many of us try to get more than one wear

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08 Sep 2010

Fall Style: When It’s a Chico’s Kind of Day

September’s here guys, it’s back to schoolz.  Scarves! Sweaters! Suede! Blazers! Walking across the quad on your way to have ill-advised sex with some guy you met at an off campus party! With fashion week upon us here in New York, and scads of things to spend money on, choosing

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18 Jan 2021

The 100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2021. You can get something delicious, that will also fill you up, at all these eateries for under

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01 Sep 2010

Get Smarter, Stupid! 8 Free Podcasts

I read a study last week that said that as far as our problem-solving ability and general mental plasticity, our brains finish the major parts of their development by the time we hit 25. That scared me a lot because I engaged in the willful murder of many of  my

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23 Aug 2010

Broke-Ass Beauty: The Ravages of Age

Allow me to introduce a syllogism that I believe to exist without fallacy within the four walls of this blog. Angelina is one of the most absurdly beautiful women alive. Absurdly beautiful women do not age well Angelina Jolie will not age well. The facts are simple and immutable. Angelina

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11 Aug 2010

The Smell of Cheap: Drugstore Perfumes

Buying perfume was the first grown-up purchase I made. I wasn’t allowed makeup and I was terrible at putting on nail polish, but around the same time as puberty was (supposedly) starting to kick in, I bought a bottle of perfume. Bottle may be a bit of an exaggeration, actually.

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05 Aug 2010

Cheap Sweets: French Macaroons at Almondine’s

When I first went to Paris I was sixteen and in the company of a slew of other privileged, Americans of comparable age and intellect sent there for a “summer study abroad” program by our parents. There are a million things to say about that but what I will say

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01 Aug 2010

How to Be Broke: The Upside of Being Unemployed

The worst part of about looking for work is the days in between.  You have no idea how long your money is going to have to last, you have no idea when you can expect to work again and you silently curse every tiny expenditure that you made back when

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29 Jul 2010

Terrorist Attacks and Doin’ It!

I generally buy books. I either buy them on Amazon or at The Strand or sometimes even full price at a place like McNally Jackson or St. Marks Books because I am all about supporting local outfits. All of that made me sort of forget about the fact that there

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