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20 Jul 2016

Is Being Monogamous or Polyamorous a Choice?

Even though it is widely accepted that people can be attracted – even love – multiple people at once, there is a heated divide on whether Polyamory or Monogamy is an innate “orientation” or a “Lifestyle choice.” Is being polyamorous like being gay? Or is it like an extended vacation

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26 Jun 2016

How to be Rich in Love: Learn your Attachment Style

Whether you are into being monogamous, polyamorous, “mongogamish”, gay, straight, “greedy” or whatever you identify as, having an awareness of your “attachment style” can significantly help you relate, adjust, and maintain healthy relationships. It wasn’t until I came across, Philippe Lewis,”Exquisite Love Coach” and Founder of the “Open Relationship Community”

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17 Jun 2016

Why Finding a Therapist is like Dating: How to find “ The One.”

If you’ve ever tried looking for a therapist, you may have noticed it can feel eerily similar to another tedious search in your life…dating. We asked a Psychotherapist about what interview questions someone should ask a potential therapist and how to find ‘the one’

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01 Dec 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Pledge to Give Away 45 Billion Dollars!

It’s a dark time in San Francisco. Our fellow neighbors are being priced out left and right due to the housing crisis, tripping over the homeless and their excrement is common place, and our once vibrant city that used to be a welcoming beacon of hope, has become a divided techpocalypse full of tension

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09 Nov 2015

A 500 Mile-Walk from France Through Spain

It is going to change your life, is what is is going to do. I would argue, that you can’t afford not to partake in at least one pilgrimage in your lifetime, or ideally every 5 years or through times of transition. It is going to immensely help you to deal with problems you experience everyday: open your prospecting on work, family, relationships, love, and purpose. There are reasons why people have decided to join a pilgrimage for hundreds of years.

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20 Oct 2015

Broke-Ass Hair “Tips” From A Hair Genius

Just cause you’re broke, doesn’t mean your hair has to pay too. 5 tips on how to help your hair on the cheap, from dope SF stylist Arzo Nazamy

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10 Aug 2015

How To Catch a Car Thief

In our little 7×7  town of San Francisco,  we have experienced a 49 percent jump in auto burglaries and a 18 percent increase in vehicle thefts in the first two months of 2015 alone!  My Smart car was burgalirized twice in two months and recently stolen! However, because I had a GetAround car

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14 Jul 2015

The Sharing Economy is a Lie

Lets Just Call It What It Is I used to drink the altruistic Kool-Aid that the omnipotent “sharing” economy is taking over the world. The harsh reality is that there has been a lot less sharing going on than advertised. Since sharing is a social exchange that does not involve profit, by definition,

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