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17 Aug 2011

DIY: Cocktails, Take Two

Image courtesy How many times have you heard this sentence: “C’mon, just one drink.” ? And, how many times has that one drink spiraled into a table of empty glasses, clinking together while you laugh hysterically over the pick-up lines from the guy at the bar and then pass

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10 Aug 2011

DIY: Cocktail Umbrellas

Broke-asses and cocktails go together like Ben & Jerry, peanut butter and chocolate, Kei$ha and auto-tune…. We all know if we’re gonna drop serious coin, it’s going to be on something alcoholic with a name like the Tin Lizzy or the Soma Sour. In my opinion, the best cocktails come

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15 Feb 2023

The 2023 SF Wine Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the 2023 SF Wine Passport! There’s no better way to explore San Francisco than to literally drink it in. You get 2-for-1 glasses of wine at 23 of SF’s finest locally owned bars and restaurants for only $39.95! It honestly doesn’t get much better than that. And after the

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04 Aug 2011

DIY Maps

This week, what I really wanted to do was cover crafts and DIY projects involving Muni Fast Passes like this: but there are some obvious obstacles mostly in that, well, the Fast Pass is done-zo and the Clipper card just doesn’t have the same cache. However, three bucks will still

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27 Jul 2011

DIY: Repurpose Plastic Bags

Image courtesy The new issue of Rolling Stone arrived at the casa today and it features a three page story on the plastic bag industry with some alarming statistics like “the world consumes 1 million plastic shopping bags every minute.” That’s a lot of bags – especially when you

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20 Jul 2011

DIY Shadow Boxes

Image couresty Last week I promised y’all shadow boxes, inspired by the shadow box/diorama art of Glass Cathedrals, and as I’m a woman of my word, we’re talkin’ shadow boxes. They’re rad, they’re easy and all you really need is the box itself. And well, stuff to put in

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13 Jul 2011

DIY Inspiration: Renegade Craft Fair

If you didn’t go to the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason this past weekend then you definitely missed out. Or you live outside the Bay Area (in which case, you’re still missing out – snap!). Either way, you know I was there taking in all the DIY crafty love

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06 Jul 2011

DIY: Cork Crafts

Image courtesy Cork is largely unappreciated – not only is it the most environmentally way to seal up a bottle of tasty vino, but the Cork Oak forests are the native habitat of the Iberian Lynx (which is one bad-ass lookin’ cat, no?). Planet Earth lesson aside, cork is

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29 Jun 2011

DIY Soda Can Crafts

I just gave up soda. Again. Mostly. Or maybe just during the day. Whatever. The point is that I’ve been drinking water all night and wistfully searching soda can crafts to distract myself from craving sugar. (Be warned: I would grab a can of ginger ale right out of your

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