Harvey Rifkin

08 Jan 2019

Conservatives Generally Do Not Favor Democracy

There are far more liberal leaning Americans than conservatives, which is why voter suppression is very important to Republicans.

03 Jan 2019

Trump Is A Skilled Communicator to a Select Audience

I never hear Trump say to his audience, “You need to be
more tolerant, compassionate, benevolent, kinder, act with integrity, better educated, and improve yourself”.

06 Dec 2018

Why Trumpers Don’t Want to See His Moral Failings

Trump supporters see him as the messenger for White Male Privilege Patriarchal control. These oppressive Trump values are more important to his supporters than the rule of law, professional competence, or upholding of moral character. Until there is a culture shift in those who have little issues with racism, misogyny,

04 Sep 2018

‘No” to Drug Injection Sites Akin to Outlawing Abortion, Prostitution, and Alcohol

Through the millennia prohibition on drinking of alcoholic beverages, outlawing prostitution, and banning legal abortions has proven to be a failure. Prohibitions do not stop the use, but only drive these activities underground, increase crime, cause death and suffering, and put an unnecessary financial drain on the criminal justice system.

22 Jul 2018

Why America’s Healthcare Model Is So Inferior

America spends 17% of its GDP on healthcare, which is over 50% higher than the next two developed nations Taiwan and Switzerland which are 11% of GDP. The financial metrics are only one part of looking at the input and outcomes of the health-care system, one must factor in availability,

26 Jun 2018

Whiteness, Maleness, and Americanism Have No Intrinsic Value

Through the history that is handed down to us in schools, the media, and through oral tradition, Whiteness, Maleness, and Americanism have been duplicitously elevated as having superior actual intrinsic value. These iconic characteristics are no match for the real values of integrity, intellect, creativity, focus, discipline, talent or skills,

13 Mar 2018

Brain Study Shows Conservatives are More Fearful than Liberals

“Fear” and “Ignorance” are supportive bedfellows. According to researchers at “University College London found that self-described conservative students had a larger amygdala than liberals. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the brain that is active during states of fear and anxiety. Liberals had more gray matter at least in the anterior cingulate

03 Aug 2017

Trump’s Attack on Affirmative Action is Classic Racism

The history of America is a history of affirmative action for white people. Now Trump and Sessions are pretending that whites are the victims in University admission processes.