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31 Dec 2010

Lessons We Can Learn From 2010

Compiling this year in review has made me feel better about my own personal year in review, which recently ended with a complete stranger on the L train telling me that, based on an hour he spent talking with me at Union Pool once, he thinks I have an alcohol

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19 Dec 2010

FREE Burgers at FoodParc if You Own A Tron Costume and Are Willing To Wear It In Public

If you already own a Tron costume, let’s face it: you’re getting laid pretty much… never, so you might as well be upfront about this fact and utilize your Tron costume in what it can help you get, which is a FREE combo meal at FoodParc, including cheeseburger, fries, and

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05 Oct 2020

The November 2020 BAS Voter Guide

Primarily researched and written by Stephen Torres with help from Stuart Schuffman. We stand at the precipice of one of the most polarizing federal elections that has ever occurred in this country. Each day brings another dash of chaos, and yet here we are, once again sifting through another labyrinthine

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17 Dec 2010

Broke-Ass Travel: Cramming All Your Stuff In a Carry-on To Avoid Checking a Bag

I hate when places charge extra money for what are pretty much essential services. Airlines are the worst at this. Last time I flew Delta, I had to pay for the in-flight movie, which I consider an outrage. I need that movie in order to forget that at any moment

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12 Dec 2010

Watch Polar Bears Unwrap Presents at the Central Park Zoo

Fact I just learned about polar bears, from David Attenborough: apparently their sense of smell is so acute that they can detect a baby seal under the ice from a MILE AWAY. That is ridiculous. And I think it means that the Central Park polar bear must be constantly tormented

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05 Dec 2010

Ride the Vintage Holiday Trains With Your Metro Card

Most of the year, I despise the MTA with an enthusiasm that I reserve for only the most putrid members of our society, like skeazy guys who catcall and expect you to be appreciative, and Rupert Murdoch. This hatred is for the usual, obvious reasons of fare hikes and the

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03 Dec 2010

Saying Goodbye to Four Loko

I really hate the government. Regulating food and drugs and all that… What gives them the right to ban us from ingesting mass quantities of caffeinated malt liquor, blacking out, and vomiting all over unsuspecting people and things? But it looks as though there is nothing we can do. A

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28 Nov 2010

See the Houdini Exhibit for FREE on Saturdays at the Jewish Museum

If your introduction to magic included Criss Angel’s “Mindfreak”, or Gob in “Arrested Development”, then you could be forgiven for mistaking magicians with, say, ice dancing competitors. But magic hasn’t always been synonymous with guyliner. During the 1920s, when Harry Houdini submerged himself, shackled, inside a chamber he dubbed the

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21 Nov 2010

Two More Days to Visit Canstruction

The 2010 Canstruction competition is almost over! The annual contest to build the most interesting sculpture entirely out of full cans of food will be on display for another two days at the World Financial Center Winter Garden. This year’s entrants include a can version of The Standard Hotel, Mr.

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